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No one saw tigers roaming the Houston stadium three days later, the ‘Tiger King’ star said she was very worried.

“I’m really worried what will happen to this tiger and those around me,” said Carole Baskin, Big Cat Rescue founder and star of the Netflix series “Tiger King.”

“This has become commonplace in Texas,” she told CNN on Wednesday.

When Jose Antonio Ramos met the Tigers on Sunday in the front yard, he thought it was part of a TV ad that had a lot of security and safety measures nearby.

But it’s not

Ramos anxiously stepped outside. “Just to make sure what I saw was really accurate and basically to take a snapshot and alert the authorities.

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His hands trembled while taking pictures and videos, the tiger “made eye contact with me,” Ramos previously told CNN.

After posting the pic on an email forum in a neighborhood, Ramos said a deputy on duty, who lives nearby, showed up and kept his weapons for tigers training.

That’s when a neighbor came out of the house and begged the soldier not to shoot the tiger, Ramos said.

The neighbor, identified by police as Victor Hugo Cuevas, then straddled and captured the tiger and attempted to move it away from the others, a mobile phone video captured by Maria Torres and given to the KTRK show. CNN Group

When other officers arrived on the scene, Cuevas, accidentally freed from being bound for murder, placed the tiger in a white SUV and drove off, Houston Police Commissioner Ron Borza said.

Officials said Cuevas, 26, fled with the tigers. He’s not an Indian owner, his lawyer said.

Cuevas was soon arrested, Houston police tweeted on Monday, adding: “The Tigers’ whereabouts are not yet known.”

The deputy may have avoided the tragedy, Baskin said.

Baskin praised the off-duty officer with a gun pointing at the tiger but did not shoot.

“I was very impressed by the deputy who showed up at the scene because he did the right thing and he showed remarkable restraint in not shooting the tiger,” said Baskin.

Houston police said the man who fled with the tigers.  But the animal is in a loose state.

“He looks into his eyes, slowly retreating. Tiger if you look down, if you turn around, if that neighbor runs back to his door, it will trigger their killing instincts.”

Cuevas’ lawyer Michael Elliott said India was a 9-month-old man who criticized Houston police for arresting Cuevas at his home in Fort Bend County, despite an agreement with the authorities to allow him to surrender peacefully.
“I understand a lot of people care about what happens to the tiger and what happens, but in this case the HPD is rushing to wrap it up (and) come to their man, they just assume,” he said. With KTRK

“Because my customer picked this tiger out and get it back safely, everyone is just assuming he owns the tiger, that’s his tiger.”

Cuevas was not the landlord either, police said.

Many more of the charges – but no tigers yet.

Cuevas is now charged with evasion, vehicle arrest / detention, according to the Fort Bend County Jail, a judge for Tuesday imposed a $ 50,000 bond.

He was previously charged with murder in Fort Bend County for allegedly shooting and killing a man in 2017.Court documents indicate he has violated his obligations multiple times since he was first arrested. Charged with murder in 2017

Wesley Wittig, Fort Bend County assistant district attorney general.He will likely stay in Fort Bend County until Friday’s hearing, Wittig said.

Separately, Cuevas was bound for a charge this year in Austin County of evasion, arrest or detention in a vehicle, according to court records.

CNN’s Carma Hassan, Keith Allen and Amir Vera contributed to this report.

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