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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un warns of ‘serious consequences’ after coronavirus

It was not clear who or how many officers were responsible for the unspecified incident. which Kim calls But it appears that some members of the upper-level of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea have been replaced. According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The Covid-19 outbreak may prove dire for North Korea. The country’s dilapidated healthcare infrastructure is unlikely to serve as a treatment for many patients with high levels of infectious disease.

North Korea has not publicly acknowledged any coronavirus cases, although experts claim it may be a product of Pyongyang’s limited testing capabilities. Few believe that a country of about 25 million people is immune from the virus that has infected more than 1
80 million people worldwide. Especially after KCNA warned last summer that incidents involving symptomatic defectors from South Korea could lead to “Death and Destruction, Disaster”

There were no reports of such disasters after that.

until now North Korea has been able to prevent a pandemic of COVID-19 cases thanks to a series of strict public health measures. Two people were reportedly executed last year for crimes related to COVID-19. including customs officials who do not follow the rules while importing goods from China
North Korea’s borders have been sealed since January 2020 to prevent the spread of the virus. Although it had a huge impact on trade with Beijing. It is the economic lifeline that this poor country wants to prevent people from going hungry.
Pyongyang reports that the food crisis is partly related to bad weather and trade issues. The agricultural sector is still recovering from last year’s storm damage. And exports from China fell 90% in May from the previous month. According to the official statistics of Beijing Although it is not clear why
Prices of some key goods reportedly skyrocketed in Pyongyang. Experts say grain and fuel prices remain stable. But imported products such as sugar, soybean oil and the price of flour is higher Residents said non-raw items, such as small packets of black tea, could sell for about $70, while a pack of coffee could cost more than $100.

Analysts said Kim and North Korea’s regime have tacitly acknowledged the cost of such extremist plans to prevent COVID-19. Because the country’s leaders are well aware of how the virus can infect health care systems.

North Korean defectors and aides who have volunteered in the country say the country’s hospitals and medical facilities often lack proper equipment and medications. North Koreans who fled abroad in the 1990s tell stories about amputations performed without anesthesia or doctors selling drugs to buy food to survive.

North Korea has yet to receive any protective vaccines, despite its long-standing relationship with Gavi, the global vaccine partner. and are eligible for the Covid-19 Covax vaccine program. However, countries with more severe outbreaks are often prioritized.
An official from US President Joe Biden’s administration said last month the White House was open to sharing vaccines with Pyongyang. But it is unclear how openly the Kim regime will be.

However, North Korea is well positioned to prevent the virus from infiltrating its borders. Because people in the country are not free to move around. as needed The defector said the average North Korean was not allowed to travel far from home without government approval. This means there is less chance that the virus will spread from city to city.

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