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Northern Ireland uprising stems from Brexit, Crime and Covid-19 Restrictions.

LONDON – Dozens of police officers have been wounded in over a week of unrest in Northern Ireland, whose anger over the impact of Brexit in the UK region cuts to crime and the impact of the epidemic. Of COVID-19

The anomaly illustrates the ongoing challenges surrounding the UK’s split with the European Union for British and EU leaders, who are concerned to prevent a granular manipulation. The weak management of trade between former member groups and member states made the peace difficult to achieve in the North. Ireland, which has ended decades of violence

On Thursday, the White House expressed concern over violence, press secretary Jen Psaki said the administration had joined forces with British, Irish and Northern Ireland leaders in calling for peace and reaffirming US support for “a safe and prosperous Northern Ireland.”

; In which all communities have the right to have a voice and benefit from being victorious in peace. ”

Northern Ireland politicians and analysts say the nightly riots in most of the area – Protestants reflect discontent among British-backed unionists in Northern Ireland about what they view as a series of concessions to investors. Irish nationalists who wanted the region to separate from the UK and to reunite with Republic of Ireland

Most importantly, it prepares for a Brexit-related deal, where trade unions are uncomfortable to weaken relations between Northern Ireland and the UK while reinforcing the region’s ties with Ireland and the European Union.

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