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Notes east of the NL: Soto, Fried, Guillorme.

Juan Soto Was placed on the injured list on April 20, so Under royal patronage Had it been without their superstar hitting more than 10 days minimum as Soto struggled to find his way back from a tense left shoulder. However, manager Davey Martinez has updated reporters (including Mark Zuckerman of MASNsports.com) about Soto’s progress today, noting that Soto has begun throwing from 120 feet.The next step is for Soto to throw. To a particular base and Zuckerman suggested that if Soto goes through this training session outside Monday, the away players could be activated just in time for Tuesday’s game against Braves.

Throwing was the only real hurdle in Soto̵

7;s return, as Martinez said the slugger didn’t feel any discomfort while swinging. For this reason, Soto remained sharp at the plate by “Hit out of the velo machine. We have a machine that throws a destroying ball.Martinez said. Soto is in for another big season (.300 / .410 / .460) in his first 61 appearances before hitting the casualties list.

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  • Brave man Plan to activate Max Fried From IL to allow Southpaw to kick off Wednesday’s game against Nationals, The Athletic tweeted David O’Brien, Friedrich suffered from a right hamstring while running on base in the April 13 game against Martha. Linds, who saw Fried, allowed to earn seven times out of four job opportunities. After finishing fifth in the NL Cy Young vote last season, Friedman struggled to reach 11.45 ERA in the first 11 innings of the 2021 campaign.
  • Luis Guillorme Looks good enough in his recovery from that right tilt stress. Mate There is hope that he will be able to return after at least 10 days on the managerial injury list. Luis Rojas Speaking to reporters (including New York Daily News’s Deesha Thosar), the return of Utility Man Guillorme could be a boon to the Mets team having seen third baseman. Jd davis Quit the game last night because a sprained hand – Davis was not in tonight’s lineup. However, Guillorme’s comeback is not very close, however, as his IL position only dates back to April 29.For a small sample to appear on 91 plates, Guillorme hit .333 / .440 / .413. Between 2020 and 2021, he is best known for his versatility on the pitch.

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