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Now that China has landed on Mars, the US no longer “owns space”.

On Saturday morning, the China National Space Administration was able to report the success of the Tianwen-1 probe mission, which landed on Mars. China became the second country to softly land on the Red Planet and the third to reach that point.

The Tianwen-1 probe was launched in July 2020 and after a seven-month voyage, it reached orbit. The probe carried a spacecraft, lander and rover and spent another two months in orbit finding a place to land. This was succeeded on May 15, with people reportedly returning home 17 minutes after it touched into the Northern Hemisphere.

China is the second official country after the United States to land softly and report back on Earth. The rover is currently assessing its surroundings to explore its surroundings.

The news is historic and not a result of the United States, SpaceNews reported, said Independent Maine Senator Angus King, who serves as the chair of the Senate Arms Services Subcommittee, which oversees the Pentagon̵

7;s nuclear deterrent program and strategy. That it will announce a new era in space exploration Especially countries where the United States no longer has a leader.

“This landings reinforce where we no longer own the land.” King told reporters. He said the United States has been a leader in space exploration for years. But that’s about to change. And that is, as he said, why does the US have a Space Force?

“[China has shown] Enormous complexity and technological capabilities “ Senator explained. “If they can land on Mars, there are other things they can do that may not be very helpful.”

That said, King believes in nations that work together by adhering to very strict rules. Space exploration does not yet have any internationally accepted rules. But it should, and soon once it’s established, countries should work together, King said, adding that he doesn’t believe in our approach against them.

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