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NRG Zayt Trolls Epic Games To Drop Popular Caster Kick From FNCS All-Stars

Zayt made clear his stance following Epic’s controversial decision to officially separate AussieAntics from the broadcast.

The FNCS All-Star Showdown ended on Saturday, with GUILD “Tayson” taking the lead in Europe. This made the Slovenian a three-time FNCS champion and strengthened his case of being the best player in the world.

The full All-Star Showdown results for each region can be found on our FNCS S17 Solo Finals leaderboard.

On the other side of the pool, Fortnite GOAT favorite “Zayt” splashes at him. Despite his retirement, Zayt qualified for All-Stars based on his performance in Season 5.

Just a few hours before the match started. Favorite critic “AussieAntics”

; revealed that he was removed from the official broadcast for violating his private streaming guidelines. “I called a player a loser after they dropped in match 6 of the final. I understand Epic’s decision, I do not intend to incite hatred towards players,” he explained.

This isn’t the first time Epic has cut ties with a caster known for seemingly minor misdeeds. Last summer, Ballatw faced similar results after sharing a blog post discussing the pitfalls of the existing competitive landscape. Interestingly, six months later, many of the suggestions on the faulty articles came to fruition, and still in the present

It’s worth noting that while Balla hasn’t returned to broadcast yet. That doesn’t mean AussieAntics’ punishment is as severe.

The community quickly gathered around Aussies with the hashtag #FREEAUSSIE circulating on Twitter. At one point, the Australian caster’s All-Star Showdown saw more views than the official Fortnite Twitch channel.

Zayt clearly echoed this sentiment. By entering Game 1 with the AussieAntics skin combination and changing the in-game name to “JUSTICE4AUSSIE” even grabbed thousands of dollars. But he still chose to land in the ocean and not move. He hasn’t played at all in the remaining five matches.

In response, Epic Games has set Zayt’s IGN to show by default. “USER-1EB778” and he was completely removed from the leaderboard shortly after. He is likely to be disqualified for violating the rules regarding “Playing with the spirit of the game”

Obviously Zayt isn’t worried about tarnishing his relationship with Epic or missing out on the $1,000 minimum reward by joining the All-Stars. ‘This drama’ wants to take away from what is an amazing event. and the amazing achievements of players like “PaMstou” pulling all the stops to become NAE Champion

Hopefully Epic will take this situation as a warning, and AussieAntics will return to air soon, although many feel that they should focus on alleviating their grief. instead of blaming the accused

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