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NYC mayoral candidate faces second allegation of sexual misconduct

Scott Stringer, New York City accountant on Friday Hit with second allegations of sexual misconduct which threatened to continue bidding his mayor.

Teresa Logan, a former waitress and bartender at a Manhattan bar founded and partially run by Stringer, told The New York Times that a mayoral candidate once fumbled with her as she was holding a tray and slammed. Sexual abuse that doesn’t want to go out of the bar

Logan recalled that she was “going crazy” with Stringer grabbing her behind her and afterward he “done” with her in a cab. She said he laughed at the second incident, saying, “Oh, I’m drunk, I’m sorry.”

In the third case, Logan said Stringer kissed and groped her and tried to take her to his apartment.

“It was almost like an out-of-body experience where I was like, ̵

6;What am I going to do? This is my boss’,” she said, “as he likes his hands up on my skirt and my chest.”

Logan’s sister which was her roommate at that time And an anonymous friend said Logan had recounted the incident after they had told them.

Stringer’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill, but Stringer told The Times he had “no memory” of Logan.

“If I really met Mr. Logan, And having done everything that made you uncomfortable, I’m sorry,” he said.

“Uptown Local has been a chapter in my life since the early 1990s for a long time, and it’s all a mess,” he added. by referring to the name of the bar

Logan’s allegations come after similar claims against Stringer by Jean Kim, who worked on Stringer’s 2001 campaign to become a public advocate. Stringer has denied Kim’s allegations.

Logan said she thought of going public on the claim for at least a year. But was ultimately inspired to do so after Kim publicly accused Stringer.

“It was like this trigger,” she told The Times. “It felt visceral to hear the news from her and him. heard her and knew she was right. I’m like, I know I have to do this.”

Logan’s allegations come less than three weeks before the mayoral election. In which Stringer had to face a number of Democrats, including Andrew YangAndrew YangFormer ‘Real Housewives’ star out of New York mayoral race, Hollywood star back candidate in New York mayor’s race NY Daily News Editor Defends Cartoon Yang: ‘This Is Not Racial Stereotypes or Racist Caricature’ More and Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams.

Stringer was first controversial in April after Kim’s allegations were made public. This caused him to lose endorsement from groups such as Food & Water Action, environmental group UFCW Local 1500, a union representing about 20,000 New York grocery workers, and the Family Working Group.

Stringer at the time insisted on refusing to leave the sport despite the scandal.

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