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Obama said Trump violated ‘Core Principles’ of Democracy with ‘Huyi’ Elections – Live | US News


Pelosi introduced legislation to form a parliamentary committee.


Obama condemns Trump election





‘Check the box’: Why Biden lost the voting battle

For months, Joe Biden and other Democrats has expressed concern about efforts to limit voting. The Republican Party was successful, however.

Republicans in Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Arkansas and Montana have passed new laws that impose new barriers to voting. The Republican opposition that succeeded last week. which thwarted sweeping voting rights laws. People’s Act has highlighted how the Democrats failed.

Activists told The Guardian they didn’t feel Biden and Democrats were meeting at the time and treated the voting rights battle with the urgency it deserves.

“They’re checking the box,” said Cliff Albright, co-founder of Black Voters Matter.They don’t act like we’re dealing with an existential crisis.. That’s the problem. It comes from the top down.”


A familiar report from Ben Jacobs, late in the county for Vice News.

In short, conservative groups like the American Principles Project (APP) aim to influence laws in states. On the hot topic of the Republican Party provoking a cultural war to advocate for trans rights and other matters

And the company’s president, Terry Schilling, told Jacobs that he wanted to create an APP. “Family Club”.

“There are 130 million families in America,” Schilling said. “So many people, I don’t need all 130m; I want millions to register and contribute. and if we can We can affect the law. Political race, campaigns and elections You can tell.”

The National Rifle Association ran into trouble late at night. But there is no doubt that an example of this group is one that dominates fully on selected topics and holds local, state and national politics in captivity.

Ben’s full body is here.

And here’s more about the NRA from Peter Stone:


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace made headlines of his own on Sunday. Pointing to a senior Republican that he and his party recently voted against $350 billion in law enforcement funding.

“Can’t you argue that you and the Republicans cheated on the police?” Wallace asked Jim Banks, head of the House Republican education committee.

Discussions … not going smoothly for banks.

Here’s our story:

And here’s a bonus interview with Wallace by David Smith last year:

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