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Ohio researchers discover new strain of COVID-19.

The US sets another record high for all deaths from the coronavirus. More than 4,300 Americans died from the virus Tuesday. While the vaccination is increasing too Nearly 1 million images On Tuesday, a new coronavirus strains appeared in Ohio.

Ohio State University researchers have discovered a new model with the same mutation as the one found in the UK. But it is likely already in the United States. A dangerous breed from the UK It was detected in 11 states.

The researchers said they also found another U.S. strain with three other gene mutations that had not been seen before. Strains with three new mutations have become more prominent in Columbus in recent weeks.

“Like the UK strain, the Columbus mutation tends to make the virus more likely to spread, making it easier for the virus to spread from person to person,”

; the university said in a press release Wednesday.

Peter Mohler, co-author of the study, said there was no evidence that the coronavirus vaccine would be less effective compared to the new mutation.

“At this time, we have no information to believe that these mutations will have any impact on the effectiveness of the current vaccine,” Mohler said.

Arizona is the nation’s leader in COVID-19 per capita and hospitalization. Home of the Arizona State Cardinal Farm Stadium in Glendale, it is now a mass vaccination facility for health care workers, first responders, teachers and child care workers.

The Arizona Department of Health Service is prepared to provide at least 600 images per day and the stadium will remain open for at least the next two months.

The race for vaccinations is running urgent, with California killing more than 30,000 people due to the coronavirus.

“In the past 34 years, I never thought I’d seen anything like it,” said Ken McKenzie, a funeral operator in Southern California. This time last year “There should be two or three people I have to look after,” he said. “There may be 40 or 50 bodies here with the family waiting to be shut down.”

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