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Ohio State Tyreke Johnson, enter the transfer portal.

Tyreke Johnson will end his college football career elsewhere.

Ohio’s corner entered the transfer portal on Wednesday.

A five-star recruit in the 2018 class, Johnson has never started a game in three seasons with Buckey. Even as Ohio’s deputy struggled last season, Johnson barely saw the field, playing only 77 appearances in six games, 50 of them in a clash with Rutgers. He has tackled a total of eight times over the past two seasons.

Although he took up the first-team substitute for a corner kick this spring with Sevyn Banks and Cameron Brown sidelined by injury. But he is still expected to be a substitute this season, with second-year corner Ryan Watts being driven to play part-time.

While the loss of Johnson is a profound impact on Ohio̵

7;s veterans’ depths of the corner, the Buckeyes still has 18 scholarships on the roster of others looking to earn money playing at. Back corners behind Banks, Brown and Watts include sophomore Lejond Cavazos, freshmen Jakailin Johnson, Jordan Hancock and Denzel Burke and sixth-year Demario McCall, who recently moved to cornerback after spending. The first five years of his Ohio career on offense.

Johnson became the fourth member of the Ohio State team last year to enter the transfer portal, following wide receiver Mookie Cooper (Missouri) and Jameson Williams (Alabama) and junior Max Wray (Colorado). He is also eligible to attend three years of college and will be eligible to play at his new school immediately after the NCAA extends a one-time transfer exception for all sports.

Ohio now has 86 scholarship players, but the players who will be seniors in 2020 – McCall, Antwuan Jackson, Thayer Munford, Haskell Garrett and Marcus Williamson – do not count towards the 85 scholarship limit.

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