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Olympic gymnastics: what to watch

ST. LOUIS — spoiler tech facts about the U.S. Women’s Olympic Gymnastics. on last Sunday night Which doesn’t spoil much: Four-time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles will win.


To do this, 24-year-old Biles will secure one of two automatic berths for the U.S. women’s team. heading to Tokyo This caused many of her supporters to cheer. (Runners in all-around events will receive more.) I’ll spoil the game too by declaring whether Biles will win it all. Sorry to break it for you But she was so far behind that she made her the first woman to successfully defend an all-around Olympic gold medal in more than 50 years.

The remaining question at these Olympic trials is which American gymnasts will be supporting Biles. Find out that Sunday night on Day 2 of the St. Louis Women’s Team event, which includes up to five reserve options. team Announcements will be made no later than 30 minutes after the event ends.

Television coverage will begin at 8 p.m. on NBC and the Olympic Channel. The event will be streamed on the NBC Olympics website and on NBC’s Peacock platform.

for beginners Two types of Olympic berths are ready for grabs.

Category One for four women’s teams competing for the team’s gold medal. Picking this team was not as easy as picking the top four women in the Grand Finals. Some calculations are needed to create the strongest team, the highest score for the final team.

In the last team of the Olympics Each country selects three gymnasts to compete on each device — the balance beam, uneven beam, vault and floor exercises — and the three gymnasts’ scores count.

The top two finishers in the four women’s automatic team building trials. Two more gymnasts will be selected by the USA Gymnastics Commission led by high-performing women’s team coordinator Tom Forster. A computer will help the committee determine the gymnast’s highest total score. using the highest score of a gymnast

Another category available for the Olympics is for competitive individuals or professionals who will not compete in team events and are ready to win gold on their own. They will be wearing tights that are different from the ones the team wears. for the audience to remember

Phoenix’s Jade Carey has claimed one of these positions. Qualifying for her strong performance in the FIG World Cup series, another spot will be chosen by the USA Gymnastics Committee, which determines which woman has the most chance of winning a medal in specific equipment.

Sunisa Lee Hopes to represent the Hmong community in St. Paul. by setting up her first Olympic team And if anyone without Biles has a chance to win a gold medal, it’s 18-year-old Lee. Her uneven bars are the hardest and most complicated in the world. If she is good at competition She was almost invincible.

Jordan ChilesThe 20-year-old has proven time and time again that she’s an acrobat you can count on. To be honest, I counted 20 of the 20 routines she competed this year without serious mistakes. Thankfully, she didn’t quit gymnastics in 2018 as she thought she was now the most consistent performer on the national team.

Mykayla SkinnerThe 24-year-old has returned from the fight against COVID-19. and pneumonia this year To have a great performance on Day 1 of the Trials, she finished fourth in all rounds. and showed she was worthy of clinching her coveted fourth Olympic title after serving as a backup for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games.

Grace McCallumThe 18-year-old has improved in all races since returning from hand surgery in January. She has a huge advantage that could lead to her peak in Tokyo. Which is what USA Gymnastics is looking for. She has the second-best fitness score on Day 1 and is just a tenth behind Skinner in all respects.

Kayla DiCelloThe 17-year-old redeemed himself on Day 1 of the Test, finishing third in training on the ground. After a disappointing performance at the national championship, she, Skinner and McCollum were separated by just three-tenths of the trial.

Except for a series of major injuries or errors. Riley McCuskeruswhich will turn 20 years old next month All but signed on the dotted line for the title as individual contender in Tokyo. On Day 1, she scored a solid 14.80 on uneven bars. with room for improvement in that part of the score Making the team a major win for her after she returned from multiple injuries and moved cross country to get away from an abusive coach.

Biles didn’t show her stunning Yurchenko double pike vault on Day 1 of the Trials, so she managed to break it Sunday night for the second time in the competition. Her first landing was in May at the US Classic and the video of it went viral. This time, it would be another necessary practice Vault has to offer before the Olympics. which she plans to do so that it can be named after her. (Movement gymnastics is named after the first gymnast to compete in major international competitions.)

On Day 1 of the test, Biles disbanded a signature that had not been seen in a while. It was her signature dismount on the balance beam. The gall on the balance beam is a double twist dismount. And before Day 1, she hasn’t performed since 2019, of course the crowd was crazy. The night ended with a round of applause for her.

Spoiler: Day 2 will end the same way.

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