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Olympic swimmer Klete Keller was charged after attacking the Capitol.

  • Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Klete Keller has been charged after participating in a group of supporters of President Donald Trump who attacked the U.S. Capitol last week.
  • He was seen in a video taken inside the Parliament House and later identified by swim news website SwimSwam and by coaches and former teammates talking to The New York Times.
  • Those who spoke to The Times said they were not surprised to see Keller in the riot and that he has posted pro-Trump rhetoric on Facebook in recent years.
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The Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer, Michael Phelps̵

7; relay teammate, has been charged with criminal charges after participating in a group of supporters of President Donald Trump who stormed the Pavilion. The central United States last week.

Swimmer Klete Keller is currently being charged with obstructing law enforcement in connection with the performance of official duties in the event of civil anomalies, deliberately entering or being in a building or restricted area. Severe and disorderly immigration and legal powers

It’s not clear if Keller was in custody.

He was seen in a video of the congressional uprising that reporters from Conservative news agency Townhall posted on Twitter.

Swim news website SwimSwam first identified that Keller and his former teammate and coach identified him in The New York Times.

Keller, who is six feet six, is seen in a video wearing a US Olympic team jacket with the “USA” print on the back and his face is clearly visible.

He was not recorded for engaging in any violent acts in the town hall, although federal officials charged many people simply entering the building during the riots.

In a affidavit filed with the court on Wednesday, FBI Special Agent Matthew Barofsky said the officer helped identify Keller through a SwimSwam article.

Barofsky also suggested Keller’s height, helping to identify him by saying he looked like “One of the tallest people in video portraits” in Capitol rotunda.

Keller, 38, won medals at the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics while seizing the 4×200 freestyle in the 2004 tournament. Keller tackled Australia’s Ian Thorpe to help the team. His, including Phelps, took the gold medal in just 0.13 seconds.

However, his post-Olympic life was not as successful as he hoped.

He told USA Swimming in 2018 that he spent time unemployed and living out of the car after his 2014 divorce and told NBC Sports he was misplaced three Olympic medals.

In recent years he has worked as a broker in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Colorado Gazette reported.

A USA Swimming spokesperson told ESPN they could not confirm or deny it was a Keller seen at the Capitol.

In a statement, Insider USA Swimming said: “We respect the right of individuals and groups to protest in peace. But I will not condone the actions of those in the town hall last week. “

The former teammate and coach who identified him with The Times said they were not surprised Keller was involved in the riot.

They told the paper that he had recently deleted his Facebook. But previously had shared pro-Trump rhetoric.

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