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Omni-Man’s Invincible season 1 finale reveals more feelings in the comics.

Fans of the Amazon superhero bloody animation. invincible There’s a series of shots in the season 1 finale that lead to Omni-Man, the world’s most powerful superhero, finally explaining why he murdered Justice League’s equivalents at the season premiere. Omni-Man, known as a suburban father and travel writer Nolan Grayson, described the whole business to his teenage son Mark, also known as the newly created superhero Invincible, and the conversation wasn’t. Go well

But the audience finally got the explanation they had been waiting for since the pilot. But there weren̵

7;t many reasons. That’s because while the show so far has an adaptation of invincible The animated series, in addition to switching the chronology around and avoiding smaller stories, the TV episode provides important details that better describe Nolan’s motives and where he left his plans behind.

[[[[Ed. Note: Spoilers follow both for the season finale of invincible And for cartoons]

In the show, Nolan briefly describes his world, Viltrum, sent him to Earth. But he lied about his motives: He was not sent from a benevolent advanced society to help and protect the world. He was sent from the Galactic Empire to prepare the world for conquest: “Each of our most trusted officials has given ourselves a weakened planet. I’m one of the lucky few. ”And that’s all he said about his plans before he started to abuse Mark. (And destroying Chicago) in an awkward attempt to convince Mark that human life is pointless.

Which raises a lot of questions: What is the real plan of the Omni-Man? Posing as an altruistic and upright hero for many years at the end, how to protect the world from infinite threats, weaken the world and prepare for the rule of Viltrumite? Why Nolan has to marry? Human woman (Which he said Mark was “Pet”) and raise a son With his great and endless power, why didn’t he appear and begin to eliminate the world’s defenses?

Robert Kirkman and Ryan Otley’s comics fill those gaps in a lot. For one thing, Omni-Man’s big reveal speech is longer and more detailed, especially about his initial intentions. As he explains, he is part of a pilot project tasked with infiltrating and exploring the world, the “weak” process he mentioned in the show was never meant to happen suddenly or suddenly. But it’s part of a long-term plan.

A series of comic strips describes Nolan's assignment to infiltrate the world and

Image: Robert Kirkman and Ryan Otley / Image Comics

As Omni-Man explains to Mark in the book, he finds the world initially unpleasant, especially the aliens, to focus on their individuality. “At first I hated it… and regretted taking on the mission. It was a strange planet full of strange people, but it was mine. ”As time passed, he said, he realized the assignment would be more difficult than he knew:

“If the World Conquest Committee knew that the world was such a volatile environment, they might not have chosen it. It seems that people are in some danger. Every time I turn around there is a new threat to take over the world before Viltrum even has a chance. We have made a claim in this world. I’m not going to let it fall on other invaders. After just a few months, my life went into a routine that involved more than ending threats after threats to the human race. ”

To some extent, that’s a joke about the sheer amount of action. Invincible – The cartoon features the title hero who faces a global threat almost every day when he’s not in the hospital recovering from the last fight. But it also explains how Omni-Man can fall into unplanned everyday life as the world’s hero. And that life, he said, distracted him from his intended mission.

Omni-Man explains how his powers make him the most powerful superhero in the world, and his routine to save the world has made him a routine.

Image: Robert Kirkman and Ryan Otley / Image Comics

Omni-Man said the way he took the habit of living comfortably among humans made him very nervous and the problem worsened when Mark was born. As Viltrumite’s infiltrating tactic is a new game for their planners, Nolan doesn’t need to know that he can reproduce with a human woman, and Mark is not part of his plan. He said Mark’s arrival made him reconsider his duties with Viltrum and he pondered whether he should go with Mark and train him privately as Viltrumite, but he looked after Mark’s mother Debbie a lot. Enough to not want to abandon her

Omni-Man explains how he briefly abandoned his duties to raise Mark, while understanding that he eventually had to resume work.

Image: Robert Kirkman and Ryan Otley / Image Comics

That explains Nolan’s plans much better than the show and makes it clear where he deviates from. As he told Mark, when Mark’s superpowers began to emerge, he realized he had little time left. Even in the comics, it is not now clear why this is, since he has gained 500 years of use in the way he wants on this planet. But implied by Mark’s focus on training that he feels he has gone too long without revealing to Mark Viltrumite’s code and lifestyle, which proves its significance as the series continues due. Mark’s attachment to the world and his hatred of Viltrum’s philosophy persisted, causing problems for everyone.

There are two other considerations to work here that haven’t been listed yet. One is about Nolan’s character, what he values ​​and how his time on earth affects him, perhaps in the recently announced Season 2 or 3, the other has not been disclosed. Until this cartoon is shown and there is What to do with Viltrum’s present and future at the rate at which the TV series is going, which may not happen in season 3, so leave it later – it’s exciting.

In the meantime, here’s another key question from the cartoon ending that clears a little bit: why didn’t Atom Eve join the fight between Mark and Nolan? Obviously, she wants to stay back and let the father and son have a great story suffering from their upcoming ages. But that shouldn’t be a concern for real characters. The power of the atomic Eve on the list is clearly defined – in times of frustration, she explains that she can rearrange molecules at the atomic level – a way that the entire treehouse can fly out of the air inside. How many seconds She is ordinary invincibleVersion of WatchmenAll powerful Manhattan doctors Why can’t she fly in and turn the Omni-Man into steam or lead or butterfly?

The animated series made that question a lot clearer, too: As a mini-series, Invincible Presents: Atom Eve Explain that her power works with organic materials. But her creator instilled mental blocks to prevent her from using them on a particular creature, because he felt that she was too powerful. It might be more important in a few key areas. invincible In the series, she fights against Viltrumite-class power, and it’s not very good for her – a villain capable of moving at high speeds can tear her apart before she activates her powers. In this series, the story is bloody, and this story is dedicated to tearing the human form into a damp goo, that’s why it’s pretty serious to avoid a godly battle.

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