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on the day of remembrance Austin reflects on the strength of the US Army. and rejected the criticism of the opposing party

(CNN) —

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told CNN he would not sleep because of US military forces. from China and Russia and rejected allegations of conservative politicians and the media that The U.S. Army’s Latest Enlistment Effort to attract more diversity and more coverage is weakening America. Security.

The U.S. Army will never be “submissive,” Austin told Barbara. Star of CNN in a broad special interview on Memorial Day. He added that American opponents such as China and Russia “Want to take advantage of that discussion?”

“I won’t fall asleep for a minute about what the Chinese leader is saying or what. (Russian President) Vladimir Putin is speaking. What I will focus on and what I will focus on is protecting this country. And making sure we have what we need to be successful,” the defense minister said in an exclusive interview aired on Monday.

Comments from retired Army generals as the country observes Memorial Day reinforces the Biden government’s efforts to return America and American foreign policy to its original role on the world stage and prioritize it. The importance of diversity is key to building strong US forces.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Army launched an ad recruiting campaign designed to attract Gen Z, featuring five soldiers about how they responded to their call to service. This series is The “secession from previous military campaigns” because of the use of “close-up” animations and visualizations and transforming “what was once the only view of military service into something more correlated,” the military said at a news conference.

Criticism spread throughout the ad. including from conservative media and Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who responded to the ad by tweeting: “Holy shit Maybe it’s waking up A soldier in disguise is not the best idea.”

Cruz’s comments were in response to a Twitter video of a Russian military ad, and part of a U.S. ad featuring Cpl, the story of Emma Malonelord, who said she was “deathed”. “Raised by two mothers” and “March for Equality”

“We have the greatest army in the world. But Dem politicians and the media vigilant are trying to turn them into pansy,” the Republican Texas senator added.

In an interview with CNN, Austin said the US military was “The best army in the world today” is not only because of technology. but also because the people who “Fill our position”

“I think we’re doing a really good job in terms of recruiting the right people. Providing access to people from every angle Every step in this country As long as you are fit and you can qualify. This team has a place for you,” he said.

Austin argued that the diverse US military forces “It must be part of our identity.”

“We represent the United States. We should look like America and not just in the rankings,” he told Star. “But our leadership should look like America.”

In the same interview, Austin told CNN that the United States had “an improper choice” in response to the cyberattack following another major attack believed to be carried out by the Russian group behind the hack. SolarWinds

Austin, who served more than 40 years in the military, reflects on the sacrifices made by American soldiers. As the nation nears the end of its longest war in Afghanistan. and keep an eye on the eventual withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

before he became the Minister of Defense Austin has held several leadership positions. This includes the commander of the US Central Command. Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army and commanding US forces in Iraq.

“I got a front row seat … in the greatest arena in our history in terms of being able to watch our troops in action and see what they will do for each other, the sacrifices they have made for each other. this country and for each other,” Austin told Star. “And I will tell you, although we can make great movies and write a lot. But you cannot adequately describe what I have seen in these 20 years what these young people will do for What they will do for their country is amazing.”

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