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Online Nathan Allen is a romantic. He then went on a racist rampage.

Investigators concluded surveillance footage of 28-year-old Nathan Allen holding a semi-automatic pistol on Winthrop Road. Massachusetts Saturday afternoon was a racial scene.

They noted that Allen walked his handgun through several whites without firing. before he shot a Black Air Force veteran to death. and later a retired Massachusetts Black Cavalry.

And investigators later discovered whites and anti-Semitic rants in Allen’s handwriting, complete with swastikas.

But instead of the usual hate and extremism on Allen’s Facebook page, they found a post calling for others to Make a donation to House Rabbit Network to support pet rabbits.

And then there was a tender post on June 22, just four days before he became a murderer.

“Happy Birthday, Audrey Allen, my beautiful wife.”

He posted photos from the wedding on September 4, 2020, held in the courtyard at Oakdale Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Center in West Boylston, Massachusetts. Boston Globe An article written shortly before the ceremony stated that the couple had chosen the place because Audrey’s beloved 92-year-old grandfather was a resident.

“This is a love story” the world announce

The couple told their story online on the wedding website of Audrey Mazzola and Nathan Allen.

“A story that is as old as time.

It all started in the most romantic setting imaginable: The Birch Grille at UMassDartmouth seven-year, three-room apartment. and two rabbits later Audrey and Nathan decide to tie the knot in the backdrop of a global emergency.

We first met: Birch Grille at UMass Dartmouth October 2011.

Our first date: McDonald’s in New Bedford, March 2013.

Our first furbaby: Sigmund arrived in a crate of cucumbers August 9, 2014, weighing half a pound.

Our first big trip: Croatia, Italy, Austria, September 2016

Our First Apartment: Room A, 9′ x 9′ on Allston Street in Allston, Massachusetts, August 2017.

Our First Home: Condo in Winthrop overlooking Belle Isle Marsh, October 2019.

Offer: 29 February 2020

As reported in worldAudrey Mazzola returns from Bernie gathering. Sanders at the Boston Commons on Feb. 29 last year to find the apartment she shared with Allen filled with lit candles. The handwriting was tied to his neck.

“Will you marry my father?”

Allen asked to join her, saying he had a school job. In fact, he went to ask her parents’ permission to marry her. They didn’t know what was going to happen. And it’s hard for anyone who has seen the hugs from the wedding that in 10 months he will instantly become the figure of a maniac. Wedding invitations predict a very different event from the pandemic.

“Due to COVID-19 destroy everything Our guest list is limited to mothers, fathers, grandparents and siblings in the state only. When the madness is over We will have a grand party to celebrate with our beloved friends and family.”

Anything that makes Allen a racist killer can’t happen in the way of COVID-19.

Anything that makes Allen a racist killer can’t happen in the way of COVID-19. But his past, easily accessible online, doesn’t hint at potential problems. He was honored to attend Wareham High School in 2010 and played in the Cape Jazz Band. He went to the honors program at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth where he met Audrey. She argued in a Facebook post that she should not blame the school for having Boston Marathon bombers among its alumni.

Allen majored in biology. Someone at the police said would later subscribe to his writings with the cranky notion that whites were superior because they were “elite hunters” spending hours in the Kavanaugh lab. of the university

“Working in an evolutionary development lab to conduct research on my honorable thesis,” he later wrote in his resume. “Conduct an analysis of chondrogenic condensation sequence and ossification sequence in chicken embryos… Received the University of Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Award in 2013.”

He graduated with a second class honors in 2014 and took additional science classes at a community college with the clear aim of transitioning from research to health care. He also works as Paraprofessional At high school as well

“Helps maintain a safe learning environment,” he wrote.

He also serves as a home caregiver for the elderly.

“Providing friends and conversation,” he said, “creates a safe and comfortable environment for customers.”

In 2017, he was accepted by the MGH Institute of Health Professions. He participated in a boxing match in Boston. and when he turned 28 in August He celebrated his birthday in a way that would soon cause evil to unfold.

“I would like to send a special thanks to Nathan Allen, another great Boston Boxing member,” program director Ed LaVache said in a Facebook post on Aug. 18. His birth was last week. He and his fiancé asked friends and family to donate to Boston Boxing’s free Fit Students for Life program for youths. They raised more than $800, all donated back into our summer program.”

LaVache added, “Thank you for the generosity of our members and support always. That has allowed us to continue to run these wonderful youth projects even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Thank you Nathan and Audrey Mazzola.”

Online photos show that the program has colored children.

A month later, a long old story ends with a wedding at Grandpa’s retirement home.

“Must wear a mask,” read an invitation to close relatives and a few friends that were allowed. “Distant social ceremonies in the courtyard”

On January 8 of this year, Allen graduated from MGH and then became a licensed physical therapist. His profile picture shows him walking in the sunshine in a white shirt and business suit. one shoulder jacket

“Look tricky,” one friend commented.

Then on June 22, he posted a birthday wish for his wife along with photos of the wedding. He also posted a picture of him and his wife on a motorcycle. Both were reasonably wearing helmets.

Somewhere in there, Allen legally obtained a handgun. He had it with him four days later. When the man with no criminal record stole a Rapid Flow, Inc. box truck, he collided with another vehicle and drove into the property. Surveillance video showed him holding a gun as he stepped off the scene.

Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins later said Allen had encountered a number of white people. But he didn’t start shooting until he stumbled upon 60-year-old Black Air Force veteran Staff Sgt. Ramona Cooper. He shot her in the back three times. and she was seriously injured.

Then Allen met with Massachusetts police officer David Green. Massachusetts State Police, 53, Allen shot Green four times in the head and three times in the neck and torso. Green died where he fell.

Allen was later killed. According to reports, after the shooting, the police responded. Authorities later discovered a writing in Allen’s hand that Rollins described as a “About the superiority of the white race”

“There is a growing national and global issue of extremism and white supremacy,” Rollins added. “The FBI believes that the most violent extremist threats in the country come from ‘Extremist groups with racial or ethnic motives. especially those who support the superiority of the white race.”

But apparently few viewed Allen as a threat until he started shooting.

“This shooter is married and working. He has a Ph.D. and no criminal record,” Rollins added. “For all external sources He doesn’t look cocky.”

Rollins pledged to continue his investigation into exactly what happened. I hope she has the full cooperation of many relatives, friends and classmates who did not respond to requests for insight from The Daily Beast. She said she would share the results with the victims’ families who spent their lives protecting us.

“They deserve an answer about the death of a loved one,” she said.

And here is one particular sniper that we should all study because his intense racial hatred seems to come out of nowhere. That means it must be deep within him. Beneath all the layers of his apparent decency.

How many more people are like him?

Maybe people should study this in school.

—With reporting by William Bredderman

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