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Oregon considers a vaccine passport requirement to remove masks in business.

The idea is controversial in public health due to concerns about fairness.

PORTLAND, Oregon – The Oregon Health Organization (OHA) appears to be moving towards requiring a vaccine passport for anyone looking to remove the mask from businesses that will allow it.

It comes after Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said the state would follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines released Thursday. These guidelines say that those who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask, both indoors and out in most places.


7;s current COVID-19 risk framework requires mask and social isolation within every retail store in every county.

But that could change soon as the OHA is expected to announce new guidelines that will allow businesses to relax the rules and follow CDC recommendations.

Sound confused? It is. Even experts like Dr. Jennifer Vines, a Multnomah County Health Officer, are

“We have not given advice yet. So we’re similarly confused and trying to look through and fully understand the various mask frameworks, ”said Dr. Wine.

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State epidemiologist Dr Dean Sidlinger said the state is likely to have businesses review evidence of vaccination at the door.

“We expect enterprise businesses to have a system for vaccine status inquiry and validation,” said Dr. Ciderlinger. Person name Vaccine received, date and place of receipt This could be a picture of a vaccine card or a record from a telephone operator.

He talks about what many people call the vaccine passport. It has been discussed in terms of international travel and vaccination is now being discussed more frequently.

It’s not a popular idea, even in the public health profession, and not with Dr. Vines.

“I publicly never supported the idea of ​​a vaccine passport,” said Dr. Wine. Because it raises a lot of other policy questions about enforcement and equality questions around people who have not yet been vaccinated … so I have never supported them and are still here. With a mask and still here In situations that seem like an honor system or a vaccine passport

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Dr. Sidelinker said proving immunization is important.

“To meet the CDC’s recommendations that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks or keep their distance, we need to know who is vaccinated. We need someone to disclose their vaccination status so they can remove their masks in place and stay spaced, ”said Dr. Ciderlinger.

Oregon grocery chains, including Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertsons, New Seasons and QFC, say they want all customers to keep wearing masks for now.

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