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Oregon hospital prepares massive amounts of COVID-19 vaccine

Several counties have sought help from the Oregon National Guard to get vaccinated.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon Gov. Kate brown toured the Jackman Long Building at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem on Wednesday to watch a mass vaccination run by Salem Health.

“This one is the star of Oregon right now,” Gov. Brown said, referring to a hall full of people exposed to COVID-19.

We are likely to see more of this happening across the state, especially now that the governor has opened up the next group of photographers to anyone 65 and older, including teachers.

According to the Oregon Census Bureau, there are 767,000 people aged 65 and over.

“This is a replicable and hopefully replicable model that we can replicate in Portland and Southern Oregon and central Oregon,”

; Brown said.

How many vaccination events will happen is one can guess now.

The spokeswoman said about 10 counties sought state aid by petitioning the Oregon Emergency Management, according to a spokeswoman.

Marion County is requesting 40 members of the National Guard who can provide the vaccine. That is, soldiers working with Salem Health. 15 other escort officers are helping with traffic and administrative tasks.

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The counties of Josephine and Jackson have requested a number of vaccination areas and lifeguards to photograph quality control and security inspections.

Douglas, Deschutes and the Clackamas also sought support for the National Guard for the incident.

Wasco County asked for a place where they could do their vaccination activities.

Multnomah County filed a complaint that Kaiser Permanente sent them to support the National Guard.

Kaiser plans to begin mass vaccinations at the Oregon Convention Center next week, spokesman Michael Foley said.The event will involve people in Phase 1a of the state’s vaccine distribution plan and will not be open to the public.

Portland’s largest hospital is working together to help people in type 1a get the most shots.

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Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) spokeswoman Tamara Hargens-Bradley said the hospital will operate a drive-through clinic that opened for the first time last weekend.

“This weekend, OHSU will once again host a dedicated COVID-19 vaccination clinic for approximately 3,000 SEIU 503 recruits and home health workers, first responders and community health workers within 1A. ”Hargens-Bradley said.

“Over the weekend, OHSU employees on all volunteer missions to help direct, register, vaccinate and inspect 2,194 frontline workers at the Hillsborough Stadium and Conference Center Test site,” she added.

The governor’s announcement on Tuesday left many people unaware. The hospitals are working to figure out how and where they can operate a number of vaccination facilities in the Portland area, according to the CEO of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, Becky Hultberg.

“They’re headed to a lot of vaccination sites,” Hultberg said. “Again, I think there will be details on those sites. While it’s very important that people don’t just show up at these sites when they’re available. We may use a scheduling model because there are a large number of eligible people in the cohort of 65 years and older that we cannot show everyone. ”

The Brown government promised more details on Friday. In the meantime, she and others ask, if you’re 65 or older, don’t call your doctor to ask where and when you can get the vaccine. They still don’t know it’s in progress.

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