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Oregon lawmakers who let far-right protesters enter capitol for felony misconduct.

The video, taken from multiple angles, reveals more about how Rep. Mike Nearman opened up illegal entry to protesters into the Oregon Capitol..

Oregon lawmakers, who let violent far-right protesters enter state authorities during a special Dec. 21

meeting, were charged with felony on Friday of misconduct. Official first degree and second degree criminal harassment

Rep. Mike Nearman, R-Independence It was caught in a security video that opened the door and allowed protesters to enter the building. He has been investigated since at least January for opening the loophole.

Nearman is scheduled to appear in court to face the allegations on May 11, his attorney, Jason Short, could not immediately be reached for comment.

The first level of formal misconduct allegations arise from allegations of intentional conduct, which constitute unauthorized performance of official duties for the benefit of others, according to court filings. The second allegation is for encouraging someone else to come in and stay in the government agency.

The charging documents were signed and filed in Marion County Circuit Court on Friday.

Oregon’s city hall was closed to the public last year due to the Dec. 21 outbreak.Lawmakers are in the building for the third special meeting of 2020, where the Kate Brown government. Calls to expand the moratorium, the state evictions, create relief funds for homeowners and through wildfires and COVID-19-related funds.

While House lawmakers are debating the rules for a one-day action, around 8:30 am, Nearman left the room and left the door near where right-wing protesters gathered to protest the limitations of the coronavirus. state Protesters, including some handguns, were circling outside the town hall’s north face and a man holding a large flag waited outside the door that Nearman opened, according to a security image obtained by The Oregonian / OregonLive via request. Public record The nearer went out and walked around the man with the flag, without trying to prevent him from entering the parliament building.

Surveillance video showed that when Nearman allowed protesters to enter the Capitol in the northwest of the Capitol, the group clashed with Oregon State Police and Salem Police trying to keep them out of the building. Protesters tried to push past police, who rushed off the original insurgents and blocked the entrance to the recently opened Nearman door.

But after protesters sprayed chemicals at police, which is reportedly spraying pepper, a large majority of white crowds, including a handful of elderly people and dogs, were able to successfully push it into the hall. Oregon State Police and Salem Police had a hectic crowd, some with firearms, going to the halls of the town hall and eventually moving them out of the building. At least two men charged with being part of the breach were arrested on related charges and more protesters were arrested over other acts that day.

Earlier this year, Speaker of the House Tina Kotek, D-Portland, urged Nearman to resign because of his actions. “It puts everyone in the government in serious jeopardy,” and Kotek has joined forces with several lawmakers to file a formal action complaint with the Legislative Equity Office, arguing that Nearman’s actions create an environment for “the government”. Unfriendly work And on Friday, after the announcement that Nearman would face criminal charges, Oregon House chiefs chief Barbara Smith Warner also called for Nearman’s resignation.

“Close people should resign in January, when a security image confirmed he was involved and assisted in the attack,” Smith Warner said in a statement. It was clear that he had to go. I urge all of my colleagues in all political parties to call this what it is and join me to call for Nearman to resign immediately. ”

Republicans said as they were suspended for a verdict as they waited to learn the results of the Oregon police investigation and an investigation conducted by the Legislature, which appeared to be running. Next

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