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Oregon teen hospitalized with severe burns after attempting TikTok fire challenge

Oregon teenager hospitalized with severe burns After accidentally setting himself on fire while trying to play TikTok that went viral earlier this month. According to local and family reports

Destini Crane, 13, underwent a tracheotomy and two skin grafts after an isopropyl alcohol bottle exploded on her face and body after being burned. While filming the TikTok video, her mother and sister told FOX12 Oregon.

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Her sister Andrea said “There was a bottle of alcohol with a lid on the counter. and all the exposed sides were uncovered. And there was a candle that lit and broke,” said her sister Andrea. “That̵

7;s just the conclusion we’ve come to.”

The teen couldn’t speak to tell her family and doctors what had happened.

Andrea and their mother Kimberly told the station they believe the teenager is trying to mimic a TikTok video in which men use hairspray on glass and light them on fire.

“It’s untrue, heartbreaking,” said Kimberly Crane. “Well, I don’t think anyone would want to see their daughter burn. It’s terrible.”

Portland firefighter Rob Garrison told the station it was one of the most dangerous things he had ever seen anyone do.


“You’re not just putting yourself in danger. You are putting the whole family and anyone in the building in danger,” Garrison said.

TikTok has posted in its newsroom accordingly. The “Skull Challenger” epidemic in February 2020 was about its commitment to remove malicious content from the platform.

“User safety is our top priority at TikTok and we do not allow content that promotes or reproduces dangerous challenges that could lead to injury,” the company said.

“Nobody wants their friends or family to be hurt by filming a video or trying to show their talent.”

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