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Original full patch note details

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy It’s at your fingertips and we finally have full patch notes for the big updates to come. May 4 from her and RebornThis update changes many aspects of the game, introducing brand-new modes, new legends, new weapons, and numerous balance changes to cast and arsenal.

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We’ve put together all the big changes and linked to more information on each one in this guide, and you can find a full list of the changes for yourself on the EA website.Just scroll down to see all the important points and get ready at Will jump into Stadium On the 4th of May below is Details for patch 1



Apex Legends Lifeline nerf

Stadium This is obviously the biggest part of the new update, which is the introduction of files. 3v3 PVP Mode which will be a part of the game permanently from now on. The Arena will see you choose your ideal legend before the match, then use the money to craft metal to buy weapons and items before each round begins.

This mode can be used as a file. Battle Royal Warm-up or a specific tournament mode Respawn has plans to introduce. Ranked stadium In the future as mentioned in our interview with the team For more information about Arenas mode, see. Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy Trailer.

Stadium map

Arenas are much smaller battles than Battle Royale, and that’s why there are two new maps for you to enjoy.

Crasher Party

Apex Legends Party Crasher

Crasher Party It’s just what it looks like – the file. Mirage VoyageA party ship named after Legend itself has collapsed in urban areas, and now the area has become the place where Legends face each other.This map stretches beyond small buildings to battle.

Phase Runner

Apex Legends Phase Runner

Phase Runner It’s where you’ll find the prototype Phase Runner teleporters you can find. OlympusOn both sides of the map, here are functional teleporters that will lead you to fast-paced battles or collapse, which will see how you use the environment to get around and shoot your enemies. At the same time, the center is an open forest area suitable for snipers to keep vigilant.

You can also play in three locations from BR maps. Cannon, Cooling stationand Golden Gardens.

New Legend – Valkyrie

Apex Legends season 9

We have basic information about Valkyrie right HereAnd more information about her Ability hereBut the basic information you need to know is that she is the daughter of Titan Falls 2of ViperAnd her talent mimics Viper’s. Northstar TitanHer flying and missile abilities can be used in a number of ways and she will be able to navigate dangerous maps such as Olympus In ways that other legends couldn’t.

New weapon – Bocek Bow

Apex Legends new weapon bows

Bo Sek Bow It’s a huge new weapon that has been added to the game and is a deadly weapon. Level marksman Weapons, but there are two hops that can be used. The longer you draw the arrow, the harder and faster the arrow will hit. You think this will make it inconvenient for close-quarters play. But that’s where the jump comes in.

Jump up

The first jump is the file Broken hatWhich will shoot arrows that burst into explosive patterns like shotguns. This jump will work with files. 30-30 Repeater.

The next jump up is Deadeye weatherWhich greatly increases the rate of fire This is what makes Bocek work in the near term. This jump will work with files. guard A rifle that currently has a notoriously slow rate of fire.

Hammer Point and Skullpiercer The hop-ups have been removed to make room for these new items.

Olympus Map Updates – The Lost Fleet

Apex Legends Olympus Customize

You may have already noticed the ships in the sky converging on Olympus, and they didn’t offer any good. The lost fleet It has arrived, and they have taken the deadly poisonous alien plant rooted on Olympus and invaded the giant vine spawning map that blocks the path and the vantage point. You’ll also visit new alien ships, search for files. Key BridgeAnd you will be able to find rare gifts in Bridge.

Loot Changes – Basic white equipment has been removed from the Loot Pool.


Via EA, Respawn

We report on this. At the beginning of the week But the basic white equipment was taken from the loot pool. Now you will start each game with a starter pack that contains the following:

  • White helmet
  • White knock-down shield
  • White armor
  • Syringe x2
  • Shield cell x2

White helmet and White knock-down shield They are now completely removed from the loot pool, meaning you won’t find them on the ground. White armor At this moment, very few are found. But still find it in an emergency Explosive weapons, healing items, and ammunition will be more common instead.


Now every legend has emotesYou will automatically get one emoticon for each legend, with more to choose from in Apex Pack And through the file Battle PassYou go to a third person to see the emoticon. But you won’t be able to move the camera, so you won’t be able to use it to look around the wall.

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Legendary balance change

There are a lot of balance changes taking place with Legends, so here are the highlights.

Minus low profile

Low profileThis increases the damage taken by 5% and counts leg shots as well as body shots. Removed from all games., Free Lifeline, Wraith and Wattson from the curse.

Life line

Battle restoration The ability no longer uses a shield. But can revive two players at the same time Regeneration can be canceled, allowing the player to use the knock-down shield in an emergency. DOC drone The cure rate has increased a lot, which is a good thing. Care Package Ultimate Content now depends on what you have currently installed.Some types of upgrades are guaranteed depending on what your team is holding upon their arrival. These changes are based on the complaints that Life line “boring& rdquo;


Stim cooldown reduced to a second. But the health cost has almost doubled from 12HP to 20HP. Bullet spread also increased while floating in the air or using a gun. Jump pad.


Yes, Loba’s bracelet Has been fixed In fact, Loba is now able to run and slide at normal speed after throwing the bracelet, which will make Loba feel more secure. Black Market Ultimate cooldown increased by one third.


Horizon is large enough NerfWith her Gravity lift The speed is reduced by 30%, the lift strikes are reduced and the amount of time you can stay on top is reduced to just two seconds. That’s all in addition to adding a rough five-second cooldown.


fuse have Double use of the Knuckle Cluster Now, in addition to the reduced cooldown.


Bangalore The thinner the smoke, the thicker it becomes more opaque.


Crypto Got it Scan and open the care package. To examine their content before your team comes out of hiding

Weapon balance changes

apex legends season 9 watt

There are more weapon changes than legendary changes, so let’s make this conclusion …

Weapon level marksman

Bo Sek Bow Now in a new weapon class, that is Marksman classAnd will be joined there by file G7-Scout, 30-30 Repeater, And Triple TechMovement speed while ADSing has been improved for these weapons, making Advertising Move faster than an assault rifle But faster than a rifle

Supply drop weapon changes

Scatter Back like a normal floor robbery and Triple Tech Instead of in the file Supply dropBoth weapons have respective stats changes and updates and are detailed below.


Precision shock absorber Is on by default, can be turned off Pellet spread increased with little damage. Reload speed and re-chamber are also higher, which means it won’t be as powerful as the Season 8 weapon.

Triple Tech

Inverse of Scatter – This was buffed everywhere except for a slight increase in fire rate.


The shrinkage is reduced when you first start shooting. Headshot damage decreased.

30-30 Repeater

Leg damage multiplier increased, movement speed increased.


Movement speed increased, hipfire accuracy decreased.

Longbow & Wingman

Both have received more headshot damage ever since. Skullpiercer Can not be used again.


Hammerpoint round It might have disappeared, but this weapon now has 6 shots in the clip and its spread is reduced, making it more dangerous at long distances. Hope that helps you save.


The rate of fire was decreased to give the player, mouse and controller more consistency, and increased projectile damage.

Arc star

The slow motion of the wood was taken off, I was heartbroken.

Patch Apex Legends 1.67

Apex Legends Valkyrie abilities

Patch Apex Legends 1.67Which brings the latest updated game for Season 9: Legacy is now available on PlayStation platform and will be released on all platforms soon. Check it out. A guide to time zones to see when the new season will be released..

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