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Oscars 2021: Steven Soderberg reveals why the show’s order has changed

Oscar producer Steven Soderberg opened up about the decision to change the order of the 2021 ceremony and whether he regretted his acceptance speech for Zoom.

In an interview published today by the Los Angeles Times, Soderbergh, who serves as a producer alongside Stacey Sher and Jesse Collins, said he was unaware of the negative response to the lack of editing for the film because he had not read the reviews.

“So the goal is to do things differently and let the institution look at their responses and decide what they’ll do next,” Soderberg argues.

Perhaps he is aware of the backlash about the unsuccessful finale of the ceremony during Best Actor’s Anthony Hopkins, unable to accept his award due to the lack of zoom rules. The Times questioned whether, in retrospect, would he rethink his decision to ban joining through Zoom? Soderbergh̵

7;s answer was a warning: “No.” Ending the show with the award for best picture, that standard came from a conscience.

“We think it might be fun to mix it up, especially if people don’t know what’s coming,” Soderberg said. “That’s always part of the plan. Then, when the nomination came out and there was a possibility that Chadwick would win, our feeling was that if he won and his widow had to speak on his behalf, then there was no way to go. So we stuck with it “

Indeed, Hopkins’ win shocked many – and no words put an abrupt end to the award show. VarietyClayton Davis, film editor for the award, wrote that the new show sequence combined with an unexpected win, “canceled the aesthetics-filled ceremony and made it a jaw-dropping decision and not advised”.

However, in an interview after Oscar with VarietyWalt Disney Television’s executive vice president of non-scripted entertainment and alternatives, Rob Mills, explains that many of the categories are in a different order, not just the top prize of the evening. He described the move as “The risk is calculated,” Mills added that the three producers were nominated for the 2021 Oscars as a film, noting he thought Soderberg saw it as his next film.

“If there was one person who looked that way, it was Steven Soderberg,” Mills said. “If you look at any of his productions, be it movies or TV shows, he thinks the same way. He doesn’t view this as an award-winning show, he sees it as the next project he’s producing Glenn Weiss direct, but this is Steven Soderbergh’s next project. There was no award show background and they took all the tools out of the toolbox and started over and made this look like a movie really this way. “

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