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Other teams consider the Falcons’ expectations for Julio Jones trade to be “foreign”.

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Four days from a potentially official Julio Jones trade, the Falcons don’t yet have an unofficial deal for Jones.

The problem is that the Falcons still want him too much.

The team at Know takes that expectation. The “bizarre” asking price is still a first-round pick and is fully assumed by his new team of guaranteed $15.3 million in guaranteed salary in 2021 and a further $2 million in insurance coverage in 2022.

It was leaked to ESPN’s Dianna Russini that the Falcons had a first-round pick on the table for Jones, as one league source said in response to the news: If someone offered the Falcons a first-round pick for Jones, Falcon will take it. (or at least it should)

There was another interesting dynamic that team executives noticed. As one league source told PFT, if the Falcons actually have a first-round pick on the table The report will be confirmed by one of NFL Media’s reporters, or Atlanta Journal-Constitution or other main channels covering sports and/or teams

There was also a level of inconsistency within ESPN on Saturday, Jeremy Fowler said in a statement. sports center That the team he has heard more than any other team as a potential Jones destination is the 49ers, but the 49ers have no first-round options for the 2022 trade. Fowler also said the Ravens would be interested if the price was right. If the first round is selected on the table The price will not be lower than that. There are facts, as the team noted, that the current king of ESPN NFL insiders Adam Schefter has said nothing about whether the Falcons will do or not have a first-round pick on the table for Jones.

As previously reported, the Falcons could be recruited for a two-year 2022 round with no salary commitments before the 2021 draft. Neither draft-pick compensation is currently reported. and An equally important question is whether the Falcons will pay part of his salary for the upcoming season, and to what extent.

Maybe the team will hold the best offer until Wednesday. They may have had their best offer, however, the Falcons stepped up their efforts to trade with Jones nearly five weeks ago. And they don’t appear to be getting any closer to a preliminary deal now than they were before.

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