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Outriders Crossplay is now fully functional, inventory cleanup and in-portfolio restoration.

Outriders have confirmed that crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox and PC is fully functional once again, and also confirmed that the inventory cleanup bug fixes that plagued many players and future revival events. Near here is Ready to bring back what was lost, crossplay was shut down during the Outriders’ rocky launch, but the latest patch being applied to all platforms now will allow friends to They can play together no matter where they choose to play.As for the inventory clean-up errors, this patch should help reduce their occurrence significantly. But it seems to be causing more reports.

Square Enix shared a memo on Reddit, confirming that the team is “Urgent investigation” and mass recovery plans are being planned that will restore most of the lost devices.

Although no date has been specified But hopefully it will take some time. It’s “coming weeks” and will be added to your inventory, meaning nothing will replace it.This restoration event will only restore the level of the most valuable items lost, such as Epics and Legendaries, and most of them will not restore the inventory full of blue equipment. In addition, restored items may not have the same exact statistics as lost. But should be comparable

Items acquired before AutoSave will be unrecoverable and any missed or future restoration can be edited by Square Enix in “ad hoc”.

The Accolades Wipe issue is also something the team hopes to fix in similar restoration events, or one by one. But these problems are more complex and will take a bit more time.

These and other issues prompted developers to reward all players who tried Outriders for the first two weeks of the game in the Community Appreciation package.

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