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Pa. Hospital COVIDs drop for the 10th consecutive day.

Hospitalizations for COVID-19 fell in Pennsylvania for the 10th straight day, according to data released Saturday by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Saturday’s total 2,207, down 76 from Friday, is a nearly 23 percent drop from the 2,842 hospitalized on April 21.

In the state today, there are 487 cases of COVID in the ICU and 264 people need a ventilator.

Allegheny County Hospital had 200 cases of COVID, 72 of them in the ICU and 37 required ventilators, marking the seventh straight day of the decline in hospital admissions in the district. For corona virus

In Westmoreland County, 32 COVID patients were hospitalized, seven in the ICU and three in the ventilator. The county fell sharply from 1

17 to 26 on March 18, a data error that the state health department has yet to explain.


Pennsylvania added 3,100 more people with COVID on Saturday, with 1,154,105 since the pandemic began in March.

Allegri County reported 271 more COVID cases, 232 confirmed and likely 39, to increase the total to 97,521.

Westmoreland County reported 56 cases, the fourth lowest overall in the past month. The county now has 32,705 cases overall.

Here’s a look at some of the other counties in the region that have changed since Friday:

Armstrong: 5,741 (+5)

Beaver: 14,758 (+28)

Butler: 16,801 (+39)

Fayette: 12,470 (+32)

Indiana: 5,939 (+14)

Somerset: 7,576 (+13)

Washington: 16,946 (+36)

Philadelphia reported the highest number of cases on Saturday, with 382 followed by Allegheny (271), Bucks (171), Montgomery (165) and York (159).


The Pennsylvania Department of Health added 35 deaths to make the state a total of 26,253.

Of the 35 deaths recently reported on Saturday, 34 were from April and one from December. It was the fifth day in a row that the state added deaths in December.

There were 954 deaths from COVID-19 in April, the seventh deadliest month, higher than March (937).

The Allegheny County Health Department reported 1,867 no new deaths, while the state health agency reported two deaths in Allegheny County, killing a total of 1,899. Between the two health agencies has not been fully described.

Westmoreland County added two more deaths to a total of 745, state data showed Butler and Washington both increased the deaths.

Nearly half of state deaths (13,113) occur in health care and personal care facilities.


Pennsylvania has reached 4 million people who have received the vaccine, according to data released on Saturday.

State Health Department data showed 3,493,659 vaccinations, and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, which reported a separate figure, adding 511,828 for a total of 4,005,487.

Allegheny County had 425,214 vaccinated, while Westmoreland County added 106,764.

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