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Page Elliott told Oprah, the most popular plastic surgery is “freeing”.

  • Elliot Page spoke to Oprah Winfrey about top sexual dysfunction and surgery in an exclusive interview.
  • The actor said it was free to obtain a gender confirmation procedure.
  • The above surgery is a common procedure that removes the breasts to give the breasts a more masculine appearance.
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Elliot Page opened up about going through the top surgery in his first interview since coming out as a transgender in December 2020.

Page told Oprah Winfrey that his sexual dysfunction, or the acute distress that arises when a person’s gender doesn’t match their body, was horrific during his time on filming. And “Inception”


“It felt impossible to communicate to people how sick I was,” he said. “I couldn’t show the level of pain I was.”

Page told Winfrey that following the gender verification process was The Oscar-nominated actor said simple everyday tasks like taking a shower and looking at his body became much easier.

The “The Umbrella Academy” actor told Winfrey that he felt he had an obligation to come out as trans to help trans youths feel less alone, especially in light of the fighting. It is fighting transgender rights by lawmakers.

“It felt important and selfish for myself and my well-being and my mental health,” he said. Face in life, let alone what many other people are going through, it is very important and important for I’ll share that. “

The full interview for “The Oprah Conversation” will air on April 30th on Apple TV +.

What are the above surgical procedures?

Upper surgery is a common gender confirmation procedure.People born with breasts need treatment.

Sexual dysfunction

The procedure, also known as breast cancer surgery, aims to remove a person’s breasts and refine their breasts to appear flatter and more masculine.

There are six types of top surgery, but the most common is a double dissection, which often leaves the patient with a flat chest and two scars under the pectoral muscles that may fade over time.

Page said having the surgery above had given him a sexual euphoria that he hadn’t felt since he was young.

“This is incredibly new, I feel like I haven’t been myself since I was 10,” Page told Winfrey.

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