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Paid ‘Super Follows’ Twitter Leak Hints May Be Coming Soon

Twitter may be close to making paid “Super Follows” a practical reality, for example: The Verge It has been learned that Code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong has discovered evidence of the Super Follows app indicating that Tiwtter is almost ready for a Patreon-style offer. groups (including “Adults Only” and “Reality TV”) and the platforms they already use to share content, such as OnlyFans and Twitch.

The findings may also outline what you need to be eligible for Super Follows. Creators who subscribe to this feature must be 18 or older, boast 10,000 or more followers, and post at least 25 times in a period. In the last 30 days, you must have a stable audience.

Twitter declined to comment on the apparent leak.

It should come as no surprise if Twitter launches Super Follows soon. The social media giant has been busy adding a ton of paid features in the past few weeks. Plus, Tip Jar donations, Blue subscriptions, and even the Super Follows weather service complement those offerings. And perhaps one of the most important additions — it will help social media stars charge for content while increasing Twitter̵

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