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Palestinians suspected of helping the arrested Tapuah Junction terrorist

Palestinians suspected of helping a terrorist who committed a shooting at Tapuah Junction on Friday was arrested by Israeli security forces on Tuesday.

The arrested was taken to investigate by Shin Bet’s internal security for alleged involvement in a suspicious attack “during the night as part of the IDF’s extensive intelligence and operations, Shin Bet and Israeli police YAMAM unit Arrested a terrorist at a Tapuah junction where three civilians were injured. IDF fighters arrested several suspects in the area, ”an IDF spokesperson said in a statement. In attacking the IDF, Shin Bet and the Israeli police will continue to track down the terrorists. ”
The gunman, according to Channel 1
2, is a Hamas member who lives in the village of Akraba, has yet to be found.

On Tuesday afternoon, Defense Minister Benny Gantz visited the IDF Division of Judea and Samaria and vowed to bring the attackers to justice.

Gantz, along with Chief of the Central Command Gen.-Gen. Tamir Yadai and Territorial Government Activities Coordinator (COGAT) Maj.-Gen.Rassan Aliyan, has been updated about the hunt. Animals and receive a situational assessment as well as updates on arrangements for the upcoming days. He also held “in-depth” conversations with Aliyan about civil and political issues in the Palestinian arena.

He ordered the soldiers to remain vigilant in the next installment after the latest incident.

On Monday, the military continued to search for Palestinian attackers and the Palestinian security forces were able to locate a vehicle for ammunition in a village near Nablus, but before the IDF inspected it was set on fire by Palestinians.

According to the IDF’s preliminary estimates presented to Chief of Staff Gen. Aviv Kohavi on Monday, the shooting was the result of a lone wolf attack by a Palestinian man on a vehicle, which was stopped during the period. It’s short by a busy bus stop and hitchhiking on Route 60.

The perpetrator fired 10 bullets at the bus stop where the teenager was standing before fleeing the scene.Three Givati ​​soldiers fired seven bullets into the car, crashing them. But it was not the attacker who fled the car scene.

Two of the three 19-year-old victims remained hospitalized at Rabin Medical Center – Belinson Campus in Petah Tikva, while a third Safed Amishai Hala was released.

One of the victims, Benaya Peretz from Beit She’an, who was still in critical condition and had a back wound, described the attacker as a large man armed with both hands after stopping 2.5 meters from them. At the bus stop Peretz said he was standing at a bus stop behind a concrete slab intended to prevent terrorist attacks.

According to his father, Ofer Peretz, who spoke to Army Radio on Tuesday morning, Benaya was paralyzed by a bullet fired into his back.

The IDF is ramping up its forces in the West Bank and, according to Palestinian News Agency WAFA, Israeli security forces have arrested at least 20 Palestinians in the aftermath of the attack, including several in East Jerusalem.

The violence erupted in Akraba when soldiers raided villages, arresting Palestinians who threw Molotov cocktails at them. While in the village, they found the burnt remains of a silver Hyundai believed to have been used in the attack. This follows fierce clashes involving Molotov cocktails, the IDF rock-throwing and setting fire during a hunt in the Palestinian city of Beita on Sunday night.

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