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Panam Romance Data Reveals Interesting Things About ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

There is no real news to announce about Cyberpunk 2077. CDPR did this on Twitter where they revealed various statistics about the game. I don̵

7;t find most of these extremely interesting, like the billions of Eddies spending at Vic the Ripperdoc, but yesterday they revealed more.

CDPR said 67.53% of players chose a relationship with Panam, the now-famous wandering character from the game. That’s more than the other “main” love options like Judy, River, and Kerry, except… not like that.

Cyberpunk 2077 has decided to provide four love options as male V gay/straight and female V gay/straight options. Male Vs can only love Panam or Kerry and will be rejected by Judy or River. Female Vs can love. Judy or River only and rejected by Panam or Kerry and while you can choose to have a male voice and a female figure. and vice versa Romantic characters will choose a voice. not the body (Probably because I don’t want to record more audio)

So if 67.53% of players choose a relationship with Panam, that means at least 67.53% of players choose Male V (at least) over Female V and I guess the additional Male Vs choosing Kerry will not be higher than 10% but Probably more than 5% realistic, assuming around 73% of Cyberpunk 2077 players choose to play as Male V.

Gender in video game statistics is everywhere. Sony recently revealed data that tends to now exceed 40% of female PS4/PS5 owners, but then we have stats like this. This reminds me of the old statistic that two-thirds of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey players chose Alexios over Kassandra. I tend to refer to that because it’s an example of a player experiencing a game worse than that because of Kassandra’s voice and her character in the game. After that, it’s much better.

I feel similar about V-Men and V-Women in Cyberpunk, although maybe not. rather To the top of Cassandra, I think Male V is fine, but I’ll say that I think Cherami Leigh’s voiceover, as Female V is probably the “first” voice acting that I’ve seen in the best voiceover ever. video game And she made the story work for me alone. She truly stands out in many other troubled games, and almost a quarter of Cyberpunk players seem to have experienced her. If this information points to what I think it does.

I’m not “scolding” here, I just think it’s interesting. Of course it would be nice if a game like this had more female players. And I think men should get out of their comfort zone and play the opposite sex from time to time. (I know some people do but not clear)

Anyway, where is the free Cyberpunk DLC supposed to be here in the first half of the year?

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