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Pandora, the world’s largest jeweler, is turning to lab grown diamonds.

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If you can bring yourself to diamond wear that doesn’t represent a limited supply of the world, but has the same chemistry as the original and denies warlord funding, then Pandora is your shop. Largest in the world Jeweler (In the actual quantity of the product) which is known for its charming bracelets Announced It will only sell lab grown diamonds and will be marketed as They don’t. use The word “right”, but we all know what’s in it for us.

While the claim “Eco-friendly” about lab-grown diamonds still shaken. But the rationale of the diamond mining industry for its continued existence sounds hopeless. The National Diamond Council, an association of diamond mining companies, runs what looks like a trend blog with a post. Let me know that They Offer “diamond” vocabulary that only Applied to “natural diamonds” “from the Earth”, these treasures remind us that they formed an average of one to three billion years ago under great heat and compression 100 miles beneath the crust that was fired upward. With the eruption of underground volcanoes You, as a sophisticated collector, can have that. Or, you, a junk consumer, can have little costume jewelry associated with terms like “synthetic” and “factory” and “industrial purpose”. The “telltale mark” that appeared to the eyes of an expert.

Not mentioned are “real” diamonds. Links are anonymous. Weapon trading and Evil From the bloodshed Laboratory-grown diamonds are structured. asSo you can lie The price is 10 times cheaper than “real” diamonds. Annual report By consulting firm Bain & Company, and laboratory-grown diamonds are the only amazing contribution to humanity, thanks to the big bang and about 3.5 billion years of evolutionary processes of intelligent life on Earth.

De Beers, a member of the NDC, has Already cave To the temptation to produce lab grown diamonds

Both lab-grown diamond sellers and “real” diamond miners claim that their stones are “real”. “Environmentally friendly” than the two, and neither has proven to be conclusive. study Developed by Trucost, a for-profit organization that analyzes big companies’ carbon yields and their environmental impact, mined diamonds account for a third of the carbon used than laboratory grown diamonds (160 kg / m). Of CO2 per carat compared to 511 kg respectively). But it is full of disclaimers. The study was conducted on behalf of the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), now Natural Diamond Council Trucost analyst Rick Lord. Tell Vogue Which does not take into account the important costs such as “Mine closures, grinding and polishing, retail and post-consumption of the diamond life cycle,” Saleem Ali, a professor of energy and environment at the University of Delaware, told Vogue the conclusion was “against common sense”.

At the same time, the study relied solely on publicly available data to measure the carbon cost of laboratory-grown diamonds, noting that “greenhouse gas exposure and the broad environmental impact of room-grown diamond production. Operation is not good. ”In 2019, the FTC sent Warning letter To eight jewelery manufacturers warned them against claiming lab-grown diamonds were “eco-friendly,” “environmentally conscious” or “sustainable”.

Pandora claims that within the next year their diamonds will be produced entirely using renewable energy.

However, I can only imagine that this would be an omen for the file. Tearing the culture of war America has many different and sharp opinions on Twitter.

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