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Paranormal Stuff Pack arrives at The Sims 4 feat. Bonhilda

Electronic Arts announced this coming Tuesday. The sims 4 The Stuff Pack offers a paranormal stuff, as players and fans guessed it, a YouTube video post publisher announcing the Paranormal Stuff Pack to enthusiastic fans of the chat. The expansion pack was released on January 26.

It was definitely better received. The sims 4Final Game Pack Star Wars: Journey to BatuuWhile this is still a science fiction or fantasy genre, the Paranormal Stuff Pack is still focused on the gameplay of the core game. The sims 4 – Different parts of the game that players are really interested in The sims 4The Paranormal Stuff Pack will add many new features, such as a haunted house where players can coexist with ghost roommates. Of course, this means that players can “clean” their homes with the help of Guidry the Ghost to drive out your haunted neighbors.

New skills will arise: media expertise, which could lead to a license to paranormal investigations. Players will be able to become a freelance ghost hunter. Ah yes, and there are also scary dolls.

One of the things players look most excited about is the return of Bonehilda, the unplayable character who first appeared in The Sims: Makin ‘Magic. (She was in The sims 3Supernatural Pack) .Bonehilda is naturally a skeleton and she usually wears a maid outfit. Bonhilda is a friend.

Electronic Arts is definitely not. announce Bonehilda – and players in the YouTube comments were upset that she didn’t make an appearance. But if you look closely, she’s in the trailer – behind the characters Sims talking to Grim Reaper Bonehilda is back!

The sims 4Final expansion pack Escape snowIt was released on November 13, not including Bonehilda, but Used to do Add a new winter holiday world.

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