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Paris Hilton’s ‘Stop Being Poor’ meme debunks on TikTok

A meme just creates a subtext.
Photo: Christina Elliott / FilmMagic

Paris Hilton says she never wears a “stop being poor” tank top, and to be honest, will her lifestyle convince people of this kind? Even the heirs were a little amused as she debunked the Photoshopped meme in the new TikTok. “Got this picture of mine online, I’m sure you’ve seen it,” she said. Is true But that’s not true. ”The shirt said,“ stop desperate, ”which, despite the same pain Is Less dissatisfied She paired a tank top with a pink maxi skirt for her sister Nicky Hilton’s 2005 debut in Las Vegas, “Don’t believe everything you read,” Hilton finished on behalf of 99. The Photoshopped version of the percentage will remain in the meme canon on the basis that it is cool as hell. “I’m broke and will definitely wear that shirt,” wrote one reviewer. “Can’t afford obvi, but if I can,” some of us. Has a strong taste

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