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Parler ceo John Matze: apps may ‘not’ come back online anymore

  • Parler CEO John Matze said the app was no longer able to come back online, Reuters reported.
  • Social media sites are offline after Amazon boots up Parler from web hosting services.
  • “It may not be possible,” Matze told Reuters when asked when the app will return. “We do not know yet”
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The CEO of Parler said the social media app may not be back online.

John Matze, the app’s founder in 2018, told Reuters he was unsure if the app would return after Amazon removed Parler from the web hosting service.Amazon removed Parler for violating its terms of service, prohibiting it. Content that “Promote or incite violence against others”


“It may never be,” Matze told Reuters when asked when the app would return. “We do not know yet”

Conservatives have urged their followers to join Parler after Twitter permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s account for violating citizens’ integrity policies as a wake-up call from a violent Trump supporter group. Invasion of the US Capitol, Parler rose to No. 1 in the App Store before Apple and Google removed the app from their store.

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Parler sued Amazon to remove the service, arguing that the decision was politically motivated and anti-competitive as Twitter remained on AWS.Amazon was quick to respond to the lawsuit, citing more than 100 violent snippets that violated its terms in Company service

The social media company registered the domain name with Epik, a company known for hosting other social networks used by far-right extremist groups days after being booted from Amazon, Epik said in a statement on 11. January said there was “no contact or talk” with Parler about using the service.

Matze told Reuters he had spoken with more than one cloud computing service to discuss hosting Parler, he told The Blaze, a right-hand store founded by seller Glenn Beck. Many of the revenues support app hosting. “In the last second” and buoyancy created Parler’s “own infrastructure” to get back online.

Matze did not name a specific service that rejected Parler hosting.

“It is difficult to keep track of how many people are telling us we can no longer do business with them,” Matze told Reuters.

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