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Parliament’s rioters include highly-trained former soldiers and police.

WASHINGTON (AP) – As supporters of President Donald Trump gathered outside the city hall last week and sing the anthem, a group of men in black, olive helmets and armor walked up the marble steps. There is a purpose on a single line, each one holds. Front collar

This pattern is called The “File Ranger” is the standard operating procedure for “stacking” combat teams to destroy buildings – all US soldiers or Marines serving in Iraq and Afghanistan can immediately recognize them. It was a dire sign that many on the fronts of the mob who invaded the seats of American democracy, either with military training or trained by those who did.

The Associated Press review of public records, social media posts and videos showed at least 21

current or former members of the U.S. military or law enforcement agencies have been identified as being in or near the Capitol riots, with dozens more still under investigation but not yet named. In many cases, those who broke into government agencies appeared to have used armor tactics and technology such as a two-way radio headset that was similar to the. The police they are facing

Local extremism experts have warned for years about efforts by far-right terrorist groups and white people to radicalize and recruit people with military training and law enforcement. And they say the Jan. 6 riots that killed five people saw them as the worst. Fear awareness

“ISIS and al-Qaida will be frustrated by having someone with the training and experience of a US Army officer,” said Michael German, a former FBI agent and associate with the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. These people had more training and abilities than foreign militants could have. Foreign terrorist groups have no branded members. “

One of the most notable things to appear is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and a decorated Texas veteran who was arrested after he was photographed wearing a helmet and armor on the ground. Of the Senate with zipped handcuffs

Another Air Force veteran from San Diego was shot and killed by Capitol Police as she attempted to jump through a barricade near a retired Navy SEAL room, one of the coolest special warfare operatives. The Army posted a Facebook video about traveling from home in Ohio to a rally and appeared to approve the invasion of “Our Buildings, Our Homes”.

Two police officers from a small town in Virginia, both former infantry soldiers, were arrested by the FBI after posting a selfie of himself in a town hall, one of whom flashed his middle fingers at the camera.

It was also under scrutiny as a psychological warfare captain stationed from North Carolina who organized a three-man bus headed to Washington for a “Save America” ​​rally to support the president’s false claim of “saving America”. The election in November was stolen from him. Judges across the country have repeatedly dismissed lawsuits that have challenged election results, and former Trump attorney general William Barr said there were no signs of widespread fraud.

While the Pentagon declined to estimate the number of other active-duty military personnel under investigation, top military leaders were concerned enough ahead of the inauguration of elected President Joe Biden that they had been in office. He issued a very unusual warning to all service members this week: The right to free speech does not grant anyone the right to violence.

The chief of the U.S. Federal Police was forced to resign after the breach, and several officers were suspended pending the results of investigations into their behavior, including people taking selfies with rioters and others who saw that Wear Trump’s Red Dress “Make America Great Again.”

Examinations of the AP’s hundreds of videos and photos from the insurgent riot show the number of people mingled in the crowd wearing military-style equipment, including helmets, body armor, backpacks and two-way radios. Spray cans, bears, baseball bats, hockey sticks and dozens of pro-Trump flags attached to stalwart posts were later used to beat police officers.

A close examination of the marching groups taking steps to aid government abuse shows that they wore a military style patch that reads “MILITIA” and “OATHKEEPER”. Others wore the patch. Shoch and insignia depicting far-right terrorist groups, including the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters and the state armed forces in various forms.

The oath keeper, who claims to count current and former law enforcement officers and thousands of veterans, has become members of protests and protests across the country, often heavily armed with semi-automatic carbines and Tactical shotgun

Stewart Rhodes, an Army veteran who founded the oath in 2009 as a response to President Barack Obama, said weeks before the congressional uprising that his group was preparing for a civil war and was “Armed, ready to join If the president calls us “

Adam Newbold, a retired Navy SEAL from Lisbon, Ohio, who has had more than two decades of military career as well as multiple combat awards for bravery, said in a Facebook video on Jan. 5: “We are very ready, very talented, and very patriotic. For fighting “

He later posted a follow-up video that had been deleted since the riots, saying he was “proud” to have been hurt.

Newbold, 45, did not respond to multiple messages from the AP, but in an interview with the Task & Purpose website, he declined to enter the Capitol.He added that due to the impact of the video he had left the program that helped prepare candidates. Potential SEAL

Army commander at Fort Bragg in North Carolina is investigating the potential involvement of Lt. Emilie Rainey, a 30-year-old psychological operations officer and an Afghan veteran who Told the AP that she traveled to Washington with 100 others to “resist electoral corruption”, insisted that she was in compliance with Army regulations and that no one in her group had entered government agencies or did. Illegal

“I am a private citizen and I do everything right and in my right,” Rainey said.

Retired Texas Air Force Col. Larry Rendall Brock, Jr. was released home on Thursday after prosecutors accused the former fighter pilot of having handcuffs. Zip-up on the Senate floor as he plans to take hostage.

“He’s referring to kidnapping, deterring, or trying, perhaps to execute a member of the US government,” Assistant US Attorney Jay Weimer said. “His experience and previous training made him more dangerous.”

So far, more than 110 people have been arrested in connection with the Capitol riot, ranging from violations of the curfew to serious federal offenses related to robbery and arms possession.

Brian Harrell, who served as Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection at the Department of Homeland Security until last year, said: “It’s obviously a problem” when “radical perpetrators” have a military and law enforcement background.

“Many of them have received specialized training, some have seen combat, and most of them are receiving disinformation food and propaganda from illegal sources,” Harrell said. “They are driven by conspiracy theories. The thought felt as though something had been stolen from them and they were not interested in arguing. This is a powdered cocktail waiting to be blown. “

The FBI warned of the possibility of more bloodshed. In an internal statement released Sunday, the office warned of plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals and in Washington, D.C., in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, police departments in big cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston and Philadelphia announced that they are investigating whether their agency members are participating in the Parliament riots? The Philadelphia-area transportation agency is investigating whether the seven police officers attending a Trump rally in Washington are illegal.

A Texas sheriff announced last week that he had reported one of his representatives to the FBI after she posted photos of herself on social media with a group of people outside the city hall. Besar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said the 46-year-old Warden, Lt. Lt. Roxan Matai, was entitled to attend the rally. But he is investigating whether she might break the law.

One of the posts Mathai shared was a photo that appears to have been taken on January 6 from a group of Trump supporters outside of Congress, captioned, “No lie … Besides the kids, this is the best day of the year. My life And it’s not over yet “

Lawyer Mathai, a longtime San Antonio mother and resident, said she attended a Trump rally. But never entered a government agency

In Houston, Police Chief Art Acevedo said an 18-year veteran of the department suspected of joining the ranks of those violating the state agency was ordered to take leave and will be subject to disciplinary consideration.

“There is no excuse for criminal activity, especially from police,” Acevedo said. “I cannot tell you the anger I feel in the minds of police and other police officers who think they will invade. Into the city hall “


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