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Past COVID infection provides immunity for at least 5 months.

London – Most people who have had COVID-19 Have immunity from being caught again for at least five months, according to a study by Public Health England, UK government health agency research found that people infected are less likely than people who have never been infected. 83% of whom will be exposed to corona again in five months.

However, the researchers noted that infected people may still be able to transmit the virus and pass it on to others even if they are no longer sick.

The period of partial immunity starts when someone is first ill, according to the study.

The data comes from monthly health care workers testing, both for active infections and antibodies indicating past infections, have been conducted by Public Health England across the UK since June.

The agency cautioned that the findings recommend those who have been Sick with COVID-1

9 In the first wave of this outbreak this spring there may be a risk of catching it again. It also cautioned that even those who have been ill may be able to protect themselves. But preliminary data from further studies show that they can still carry high levels of the virus and should still practice social isolation. Wearing a mask To avoid spreading the infection to others

“This study gives us the clearest picture of the nature of antibody protection against COVID-19, but the ones that matter are not to be mistaken for these early findings,” said Professor Susan Hopkins, medical advisor. The senior at Public Health England said in a statement.

“We now know that most people who have been infected with the virus and developed antibodies are protected from re-infection. But that’s not all, and we don’t yet know how long the protection will last. Importantly, we believe people may still pass the virus. ”

“Right now it’s important that all of us stay at home to protect health services and save lives,” Hopkins stressed.

Scientists will continue to follow up with those involved in the study for a year to see how long the immunity lasts, how effective the vaccine is, and to confirm that people who have been infected with the virus can still be passed on to others, or not

It will also determine if a previous COVID-19 infection could prevent someone from getting sick with the disease. New variants with high infection Of the virus that emerged late last year in the south of England

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