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Patrick Mahomes: Baker Mayfield is a ‘great player’ and ‘we know we have to play the best football if we want to win’.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Patrick Mahomes watched the Browns take to the Steelers, 48-37 on Sunday night and knew the Chiefs would have a full hand on Sunday afternoon in the group stage at Arrowhead.

“I watched all of this quite a lot,” Mahomes said Monday on KCSP 610 Sport Radio. “Obviously, at the end, you could tell that we were going to play them, so try to watch and I’ll see a lot of it in the movie. Today so I am excited to have the opportunity to play with a really good football team. ”


Mahomes apparently did not disclose the feelings of receiver Sammy Watkins, who responded to fans on Twitter, stating that it was competitive from the Browns saying, “I’m not going to go that far, lol …!”

Watkins: ‘I’m not going to go that far, lol …!’ About the Browns leading the race.

“We know we have to play at our best football if we want to beat a really good football team,” said Mahomes.

With the Chiefs resting their start and goodbye to the first round as the No. 1 seed, Sunday will be the 21-day anniversary since Mahomes and other stars joined the game.

“You have to be prepared,” he said. We do things to get ourselves ready. At the end of the day it landed on that football field and played. I know we are ready to go. We’ll be out there with that thought and we’ll fight for 60 minus or how long will it take. ”

He knows the Chiefs will have to go a step further on Sunday, especially as they have won five games with just three points or less this season.

“You have to,” he said. “Every time you’re in a season, no matter how you play in the regular season, the season is different. Everyone, fight. Everyone takes their best shots. For us, we have to rely on our experience last year and last year and then rely on our guys in the locker room to step up and play better. … it wins or goes home, so you have to get out there and put everything on the line every time you’re on the pitch. ”

As Watch Brown jumped off to lead 28-0 over the Steelers, warning Ma Homes they didn’t want to fail last year against Texas in the group stage – Following 24-0 about 19 minutes in the game before scoring 41 straight points to win 51-31 and enter the AFC Championship, they also rallied from a 17-7 deficit to beat the Titans 35-24 in the game. AFC Championship

“We want to win in every way possible. But we want to try to make it a little easier than last year, ” Mahomes said. “You have to find a way to fight, especially playing teams like this that can clearly throw the ball. But there are two backs that can chase the ball and love to pound each other and lead big. For us, we want to get started quickly. We have to be better than what we did in the latter part of last season…. On top of that, I think our defense will be able to accept the challenge as well, with really good penetration hitting all the cylinders now. ”

Unlike JuJu Smith-Schuster and others honoring the Browns this season, Mahomes know what they’re up to.

“It’s a play-off football,” he said. “Everyone has to fight at the end of the day, everyone’s going to shoot their best, everyone knows if they want to play next week or not. … that’s the really cool thing about the NFL: anyone can beat anyone on any given day. ”

Mahomes is also looking forward to facing Baker Mayfield for the fourth time since his college days in hopes of the evening recorded at 2-2.

Mayfield beat Mahomes twice in college when he was Oklahoma and Mahomes was at Texas Tech – Mayfield’s first school, including the famous shot in 2016, won 66-59 by Mayfield’s Sooners.

Mahomes then defeated the Browns 37-21 in the debut of Freddie Kitchens as the Browns’ player on November 4, 2018 after Hue Jackson and Todd Haley were sacked.

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“Baker was hosting my official visit to Texas Tech, so I went to Texas Tech and I had to watch them play. But I got there right away when he moved to Oklahoma, so we’ve never crossed a path like that before. But it’s a good friend, ” said Mahomes. “I still talk to him to this day. He is a great friend, a great player, is clearly a great leader on the team. ”

Mahomes admits shooting 66-59 was one of the most memorable games he has ever been a part of.He completed 52 of 88 hits over 734 yards and 5 TDs to set an FBS record for passing yards.Mayfield set a record on O’s. With seven TD passes and two QBs combined for 1,279 yards, the most in college football.

“It’s crazy,” Mahomes said. “They have a really good football team and we’re going to go out there and we want to fight. We are playing at our home ground and we fight to the end. Obviously they can come to the top, but we can put together a memorable game that a lot of people are still talking about to this day. ”

As for the game rankings, “it is definitely there. Maybe that’s the AFC Championship where we lost the AFC Championship where we won and the most – the Super Bowl. ”

Mayfield admires Mahomes so much, he said before the conference here in 2018 that he believed Mahomes would be the No. 1 choice in 2017 before Myles Garrett.

“Talent is smart, I think he should be – I love Miles, but… ” he said with a smile,“ coming from the Texas Tech system, there is always your suspicion, people wondering what he is. To do is sit down there and throw the ball.He threw it 88 times in our game (66-59 Oklahoma victory over Texas Tech) but when it came down, throwing the ball was throwing the ball and he Really well done “

Mayfield admitted he was jealous of Mahomes’ cannon arm.

Absolutely, ”said Mayfield.“ It was played in that college game, he rolled to the left, flickered it and dashed about 65 in midair for a touchdown back to the end zone. He does the things that you didn’t even imagine possible. “

Mahomes’ admiration for Mayfield is shared.

“ His talent has penetrated the roof, ” Mahomes said on a conference call ahead of the 2018 conference.“He will get better and better every week and he’s accomplished a lot and the sky’s the limit for him. ”

Head coach Andy Reid has been impressed with Mayfield this season in Kevin Stefanski’s action plans.

“He’s all grown up on the pitch,” Reid said during a press conference Monday. “I think he really fell in love with the plan and mastered it, so he did well. It’s not an easy thing to do when you get a few different things as a young defender, a few different plans to try your best. That is not easy for many of these defenders. Lots of guys get lost and he seems to be moving it and doing really well. ”

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