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Patti Smith Questlove signed letter supporting Palestinians

on thursday More than 600 musicians from around the world have released letters about the latest violence between Israel and the Palestinian Hama. and called on the musicians “Public comments about their solidarity with the Palestinians.”

The letter published by the Musicians for Palestine was signed by Patti Smith, Rage Against the Machine, Run the Jewels, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, Julian Casablancas of Strokes, System of a Down’s Serj Tankian, Noname, the Roots’ Questlove and Black Thought, Royce da 5̵

7;9″ and Cypress Hill.

“As a musician We cannot remain silent today, it is imperative that we stand by Palestine,” the statement said. and added that “We speak together and demand justice, dignity and the right to self-determination of Palestinians. and everyone fighting colonial occupation and global violence” on the grounds that the Israeli army committed war crimes.

Organizer Stefan Christoph, a musician and activist in the Montreal community, said the letter was the result of a concerted effort to draw upon his music network and his friends. and focus on the humanity of the situation

Christov said by phone from Montreal: “We want to encourage artists to speak together. And I hope people will feel brave to speak up in support of human rights in Palestine.” One is injustice for everyone. That’s where we come from.”

The letter follows a series of statements by individual artists related to the long-running conflict. In an Instagram post on May 11, Rage Against the Machine posted a photo of the mosque with the caption: “The violence and atrocities we witnessed in Sheikh Jarrah, Al Aqsa District and Gaza Strip, is a continuation of decades of apartheid and Israeli violence. Palestine Occupation We stand with the Palestinians as they oppose all forms of terrorism in this colony.”

On Facebook, System of a Down’s Tankian, a longtime supporter of the Armenian cause. has written “As an artist and activist from a country that survived the Holocaust, I sympathize with the oppressed Palestinians of Israel.”

Other signatories include respected independent artists and producers Sarah Davachi, Ozomatli, Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls), William Tyler, Amber Coffman, Claudio Parra González, Thurston Moore, Bun B, Heba Kadry, Nicolas Jaar and Pharoahe Monch.

The cause of the organization is one of Pink Floyd’s Waters’ longstanding support. He has called for a cultural boycott of Israel in the face of what the signers of the new letter have called “a sanctions against Israel.” “The legacy of systemic violence racism and dominion shaped by colonialism.”

Christov added that the open letter focused solely on the Israeli bombings. and how the West Bank occupation affected the Palestinians. “We are trying to emphasize the humanity and injustice that Palestinians face. And we think it’s time for us to speak honestly on a global level about what it really looks like.” “Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have clarified this on several occasions.”

Thursday’s letter ended up calling for all musicians to add signatures and refusing to. “Shown at Israel’s complex cultural institutions. and stand firm in supporting the Palestinians and their human rights in sovereignty and freedom. We believe this is critical to living in a world free from discrimination and apartheid.”

Israel and Hamas are now in the midst of a temporary ceasefire carried out by Egyptian and American officials last week, where 11-day violence has killed more than 240 Palestinians and Hamas rockets have killed more. Dozens of people went to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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