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Paul Flores’s father removed Kristin Smart’s body from her family home, claiming to be indicted.

Kristin Smart’s parents on Thursday indicted Paul Flores’ father, who was charged last week for killing Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student in 1996.

A civil lawsuit accuses Ruben Flores of intent to cause emotional distress, claiming he removed Smart’s body from under his deck last year in an attempt to cover up her 1996 murder.

Stan and Denise Smart’s attorney James Murphy filed the lawsuit within hours after Ruben Flores was released on $ 50,000 bail from the custody of the San Luis Obispo County sheriff. He was charged with accessories after Smart̵

7;s killing fact, Paul Flores was later arrested and charged with murder and remained behind bars. Both have denied wrongdoing.

“There is compelling evidence they have removed Christine’s corpse as investigators become closer to solving her murder,” Murphy said.

The suit comes after prosecutors accused Ruben Flores of moving Smart’s body from the earth beneath his Arroyo Grande deck.

In the case, Murphy claimed that four days after detectives received a search warrant at Ruben Flores’s home on February 5, 2020, the 80-year-old, along with two others, removed the remains.

“Reuben Flores and Defendants 1 and 2 worked all night in the dark to dispose of Christine Smart’s remains to avoid leaving them at 710 White Ct. Find more assets, ”the lawsuit said.

San Luis Obispo County prosecutors said last week they were investigating whether Flores sexually assaulted women in the San Pedro area, where he has lived for the past 15 years, and the department. Los Angeles police have revealed that detectives have gathered evidence involving Flores in the two alleged rapes. Redondo Beach Police in 2013 presented Flores’s rape case against Los Angeles County prosecutors, who declined to sue for lack of evidence.

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