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Paul George felt he was more criticized than others: ‘They can judge me for what they want’

Paul George performed outstandingly in the Los Angeles situation. The Clippers had to win on Monday and after the game he wanted to put an end to any criticism. as sent in

George is famous for his jokes about failing to qualify for the playoffs. His Indiana Pacers team failed to overtake the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers led by LeBron James when the two contenders were in the conference. The Eastern Conference and Clippers were unable to meet their demands last season.


After 41 points from 15 of 20 shooting and grabbing 13 rebounds along with six assists in the Clippers̵

7; 116-102 victory over the Phoenix Suns, George was asked if he felt he was being criticized. More than other players?

“I know, and it’s a straightforward truth. it’s true But I don’t have to worry about that. I guess it comes with work…I’m still trying to go and dominate…and so do I.” More than that, you know what I mean. I’m me. I wish I could shoot 80%. , 75% every night, but it’s unrealistic,” he told ESPN.

“All I can do is do everything. They can judge me what they want. That part doesn’t matter to me. I will go out there and give everything I have.”

PAUL GEORGE keeps CLIPPERS alive with great performance in 5 games.

DeMarcus Cousins, who has had ups and downs in his career, also defended George after the veteran’s clutch performance.

“I don’t know where this bull came from, where it came from. The internet controls the narrative about these players. It became foolish. As I said earlier this year [George is] One of the most extraordinary players ever to wear his shoes,” he said.

“Bring flowers to this friend. I don’t understand slander Now it’s become an idiot. Respect these players Respect these great people.”

According to ESPN Stats & Info, George became the fourth player in NBA history to score at least 20 points out of 18 games in a single season. Others on the list include Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.


The Western Conference Finals will return to Los Angeles on Wednesday. The Clippers need victory to live again.

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