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Paul George scores 41 points, career-high as the play-offs help the LA Clippers out of Phoenix.

PHOENIX – After scoring a career-high 41 points for seven different Phoenix Suns defenders to save the LA Clippers from elimination, Paul George secured a proper seat with 1:14 remaining in the game. At 5 on Monday night, when he was greeted by the Clippers coaches congratulating him one by one.

Lastly, Tyronn Lue was the last to clap with the All-Star before uttering a few words that Clippers head coach said he couldn’t share.

“So many MFs,” George said of what Lue told him, “and blow this, blow that.”

After missing two crucial late-game free throws in LA’s Game 2 loss, George returned and silenced the Phoenix Suns Arena with his best playoff performance. 20 shots and 41

points to go, 13 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals to send the Clippers back to Los Angeles in Game 6 with a 116-102 victory of the night. Monday

The Clippers are the only team to beat a 2-0 deficit twice in the same season. Now trailing 3-2 in the Western Conference Finals, they were able to force Game 7 with Wednesday’s victory at the Staples Center.

They wouldn’t have played if it wasn’t for George. Rumor said he didn’t understand why his Starguard struggles. “Growing up a lot when he’s not playing well”, such as after Game 2 when George missed two free throws against the Clippers, up one point before the Suns’ win. Deandre Ayton’s alley last second-oops.

George was asked after Monday’s game if he felt he was picked over other NBA stars when bad things happened.

“I know,” George replied, “and it’s a straightforward truth. it’s true But I can’t worry about that. I guess it comes with work…I’m still trying to go and dominate…and so I’m more than that. you know what i mean i am myself I wish I could shoot 80%, 75% every night, but it’s unrealistic.”

“All I can do is do everything,” he added. “They can judge me for what they want. That part doesn’t matter to me. I will go out there and give everything I have.”

Without an injured Kawhi Leonard (sprained right knee), Clippers learned that starting center Ivica Zubac (sprained MCL) will also come out on Monday. Lue said the Clippers felt confident in the morning penalty shootout. But the players are saddened by the news about Zubac playing his best basketball. Having scored double-doubles in three consecutive games before suffering a knee injury in the second half of Game 4.

Marcus Morris Sr., starting from the center position. It has the best games of the series. By firing the first six shots and scoring 13 of 22 points in the first quarter. The Clippers took a 20-5 lead in the opening minutes, which gave George a feeling of coming into the game, according to Lue.

In the third quarter, Chris Paul hit a bottom 16 which put the Suns 62-61 leading with 8:27 left in the frame, but George scored 18 of 20 in his third quarter after that. He made 7 of 8. Shots and buried three 3s in the quarter to send the Clippers to the fourth up 13.

“I don’t know where this bull came from. Where does the Internet control the narrative about these players?” said DeMarcus Cousins, who scored 15 points in 11 minutes from the bench. “It turned out to be silly, as I said earlier this year. [George is] One of the most extraordinary players to ever tie his shoelaces.

“Bring flowers to this friend. I don’t understand slander Now it’s become an idiot. Respect these players Respect these great people.”

in the fourth quarter Suns run again By reducing the deficit to 98-94 with 6:58 left, but as he did throughout the season, Reggie Jackson (23 points) fired in time and clutched the Clippers. Jackson drilled two 3-pointers. and quickly threw off the dunk, starting with George’s theft. George scored six more as the Clippers used 14-2 to steal Game 5 on the road.

The Clippers later buzzed about George’s performance when he scored 10-14 on competitive shots. He deals massive damage in the pull-ups, doing 7-for-10 on those shots, according to research by ESPN Stats & Information, and he scores against seven different Suns defenders.

“If they will finish this series They have to get the job done,” George said. “That’s just the idea that we came into here. we will not back down We won’t just throw in the towel. The truth of the matter is that they have to defeat us.”

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