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Pelosi announced that lawmakers would be fined $ 5,000 if they crossed the metal detector at home.

loudspeaker Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiHouse passed measures calling for Pence to remove Trump.Trump told Pence he could be a ‘patriot’ or ‘p —-‘ when overseeing the election: Pelosi name report. 9 additional litigation managers (D-Calif.) Announced Wednesday that starting next week, lawmakers will face heavy fines if they refuse to pass newly installed metal detectors to enter the chamber of the House.

Pelosi said the council would adopt the new rules when returning to the Jan. 21 session to impose tougher fines on safety skips: $ 5,000 for the first offense and $ 10,000 for the second. Fines will be deducted from the lawmakers’ salaries.

“It is sad that this step is necessary. But the room of the People’s Council must be safe, ”Pelosi said in a statement.

The incoming fines for refusing to comply with new security measures come after several Republicans blamed congressional police on Tuesday and Wednesday for asking them to pass detectors. metal

Several GOP lawmakers pushed former agency police and first-time sergeants into the chambers without going through the magnetometer.

Members of Congress are typically passed security in the Parliament building if they show the lawmaker pins. But new security measures came into effect Tuesday following last week’s attacks on City Hall by pro-militants. President TrumpDonald Trump, a growing number of GOP lawmakers, said they supported impeachment for YouTube, temporarily banning uploading of new content on Trump’s channel, through measures calling for Pence to remove Trump further. Trying to stop Congress from ratifying the elected president. Joe BidenJoe Biden, a growing number of GOP lawmakers, said they supported impeachment through a measure demanding Pence to remove Trump Disney.Walmart said they would block donations to lawmakers who oppose college election results rather than.Electoral College Victory

“To ensure compliance with the regulations of the National Police Commission on firearms and incendiary equipment, as well as to provide a safe environment for conducting legal business with immediate effect on all Including members must [to] Get screened for security when entering the Chambers, ”House Army Officer Timothy Blodgett wrote in a memo to lawmakers and officials.

Rep. Lauren Beaubert (R-Colo.), Who was pushing to carry a gun in the town hall, was seen by reporters on Tuesday night shutting down the metal detector and refusing to hand over her bag to police for inspection.

Another House Republican, Representative Steve WomackStephen (Steve) Allen Womack tensions arise between House Republicans, Capitol Police over the unsigned House Republicans metal detector in the Texas case Jason Smith is ready to serve as the top Republican on the board. Additional House Budget Committee (CPC) shouted to the police, “Back off” and “Don’t touch me”

Five people were killed in Wednesday’s attacks, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who was interrupted by rioters. Another police officer, Howard Lee Ben Good, took his own life this past weekend after his last duty on the day of the accident.

More than 50 police and Metropolitan Police officers were injured, including hospitalization. And during a house debate on Tuesday night, the representative Mary Gay ScanlonMary Gay Scanlon, a Democrat’s home judge, asked Pence to call for the 25th Amendment to remove Trump’s top judiciary bill that would hurt officials. Electoral Democrats’ Caucus women split more endorsement for the House campaign chief. (D-Pa.) Revealed that one officer was prone to losing his eye and the rioters tried to shoot the other officer with his own gun.

“On behalf of the House of Representatives, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the US National Police for the courage they showed during the deadly riots in government agencies as they defended the lives of officials and Congress, ”Pelosi said in a statement. Fines for skipping metal detectors outside the house

“Sadly, just days later, many Republicans in the House of Congress despise our heroes by abusing them and refusing to adhere to the fundamental precautions that have been taken by members of our congressional community, including those in the House of Commons. The police department is safe, ”Pelosi added.

Two police officers have been suspended since the attack last week: one was seen taking a selfie with the rioters, while the other in a “Make America Great Again” hat and was the group’s director.

It is the second time in days that Democratic leaders have imposed fines to force Republicans to comply with regulations for the safety of the people of the House of Commons.

House Democrats adopted new rules on Tuesday night to impose fines for lawmakers for failing to comply with mask-required rules in the House during the COVID-19 outbreak.Non-masking would result in fines. $ 500 for a first offense and $ 2,500 for a repeat offense.

Adoption of fines for not wearing masks comes after several House Republicans did not wear masks while spending hours in a safe area with hundreds of other lawmakers on Wednesday. While law enforcement works to purge the agency of the rioters

Three Democrats in safe areas tested positive for COVID-19.

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