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Pelosi urges Democrats to keep pushing for the right to vote even if it’s chinese

Pelosi’s message to fellow Democrats comes two days after Manchin angered many in his party by announcing in opinion he would vote against the party’s broad ballot bill known as HR 1 and S. 1. The West Virginia senator also reiterated his controversy. to remove or replace the upper chamber’s opposition – which guaranteed the demise of most of Biden’s agenda on the hill.

Manchin is the top celebrity on the sprawling voting bill and is now under intense scrutiny as Democrats scramble to find their next step, both the right to vote. Biden’s vote and the rest of Biden’s agenda all have slim margins in both chambers. Civil rights leaders met Manchin on Tuesday morning in his latest bid to pressure West Virginia senators. But attendees said he had not pledged to reconsider his stance on the new legislation.

Manchin said he wants Democrats to focus on a smaller voting bill, named Lewis, that would give power to the voting rights law and restore a provision the Supreme Court ruled last year. 201

3 in a “partisan” manner that will only worsen the relationship between the two sides.

But Pelosi stressed that the narrower legislation “It won’t be ready until fall,” as it undergoes intense scrutiny to prepare for potential legal challenges. And she said it would not be an alternative to a mammoth bill intended in part to protect access to voting in light of tougher efforts by GOP legislators across the country.

Pelosi and other top Democrats It argued that Congress must move as quickly as possible to oppose what they call voter suppression in GOP-led states before mid-term 2022. They also want to issue new policies to end political harassment before the state. various It will draft a new map for home matches using last year’s census.

Democrats have not given up on Manchin, who co-sponsored the 2019 bill, which he now opposes. Rev. Al Sharpton described the meeting between Manchin and the civil rights leader as “frankly, unfriendly. Manchin told reporters it was “honorable” and “the beginning of a good relationship”.

“I won’t say [we made] Progress will say it’s good to talk. We don’t want this to end in a conversation,” Sharpton, president of the National Action Network, said in an interview after the meeting. get the right to vote.”

Manchin has not pledged to reconsider his opposition to S. 1, according to Sharpton, but the senator said he would follow up with groups. Over the next few days, in further discussions, Manchin also said he would revert any agreement that Sens. Cory Booker (DN.J.) and Tim Scott (RS.C.) protested against police reforms.

“[Manchin] said he was firmly committed to George Floyd, Cory and Tim. Scott will be whatever,” Sharpton said.

Even though Manchin voted yes. The Democratic Voting Bill also faces a big obstacle to becoming a law: the Senate’s 60-vote threshold known as the opposition, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Pledged to put in place the law in the last week of June. And Democrats are hoping for a unanimous consensus to raise criticism of the opposition.

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