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Pentagon police officer on duty to shoot dead two in Maryland

An off-duty Pentagon police officer shot and killed two people he believed were breaking into a car in Maryland early Wednesday, according to local police.

The Tacoma Park Police Department said an unnamed officer of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency fired and killed 32-year-old Dominic Williams and James Lionel Johnson. 38 years old, both from Maryland.

Shortly after hitting 5, TPPD officers responded to reports of several shooting at Takoma Overlook Condominiums on Hampshire Road.

After their arrival, officers were approached by an on-duty PFPA officer who said he had fired a service weapon at the suspect, saying they fled after failing to comply with his orders when he faced them. He was in what he believed was a car that was in the middle of a break.

Both victims, Williams and Johnson, were taken to Prince George Hospital, where they later died from gunshot wounds, Tacoma Park police said.

“We understand the case has a lot of public interest,”

; Tacoma Park police wrote. “We urge the public to continue to be patient as we investigate this incident fully.”

The Montgomery County prosecutor’s office is investigating and investigating, police said.

PFPA did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

According to NBC News Washington, the PFPA officer who shot the two was on parental leave.

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