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Perez, from Real Madrid, said UEFA would not kick a Super League team out of the Champions League.

Florentino Perez said he was “sure” Real Madrid and other Super League attendees will not be eliminated from the Champions League this season for their role in the Brakoff group. Whey on offer – and breaking the current model of competition, saying “Attractive from The semifinals “and the clubs” will all die “without major reforms.

Madrid President Perez, one of the driving forces behind the Super League-nominated Super League program – is the first chief executive involved in the plans to speak publicly since Sunday’s announcement.

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“The Champions League has been attractive since the quarter-finals, that̵

7;s all,” he told El Chiringuito’s late-night Spanish talk show. Entertain yourself with other things, but if we do it all season 5 on Tuesday, 5 games on Wednesday, nothing will stop.

“What it brings is the 15 clubs that play every week, which are the biggest events in the world, nothing like it,” he added. [United] Or Barcelona – Milan is more attractive than Manchester. [United] With a small club

“What is the world calling for? We have fans in Singapore, in China all over the world. You can see that on social media they have followers, that’s what brings money”.

12 clubs are AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Internazionale, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham. Nham Hotspur has joined ESL as a founding member.

The group-stage competition, which aims to replace UEFA’s Champions League, which announced its own reform plans on Monday, has said three more clubs are expected to take part in the competition. Where the other five clubs will qualify according to performance.

“Today, with the Champions League revenue as it is, we will die,” Perez said, underscoring the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. “Less audience, less money. We’ll all die: big clubs, medium clubs, small clubs. They say the new Champions League format will come in by 2024. We’ll die at that time.”

Perez was the first president of the Super League, while Andrea Agnelli from Juventus and Joel Glaser of Manchester United were named vice president.

The project has been criticized by football’s governing body, fans and other notable clubs for not being involved.

La Liga called ESL a “selfish and selfish proposition designed to add value to the already existing Super Rich” in a statement on Monday.

Sevilla – currently ranked fourth in La Liga, behind three ESL supporters Atletico, Real and Barca – expressed “complete denial of competition based on specific economic factors”.

Perez, 74, re-elected without opposition as Real Madrid president earlier this month, also rejected suggestions that the club could be thrown out of the Champions League this season.

Madrid are due to face Chelsea in the first leg of the semi-final on Tuesday 27 April before returning on Wednesday 5 May.

“They’re definitely not going to throw Madrid out of the Champions League,” Perez said. [Manchester] The city or who. I’m completely sure Or La Liga is fine. “

Danish UEFA executive board member Jesper Moller said on Monday he expected Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City to be removed from the competition.

Perez also insisted the players were “able to calm” about being banned from participating in international UEFA and FIFA competitions such as the World Cup. “Because that will not happen”

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