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Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine produce ‘long-lasting’ immune responses – study

The Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna coronavirus vaccines generate an ongoing immune response. The results showed that These vaccines provide lasting protection against COVID-19.

The study, published Monday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature, found that the vaccine “continually stimulates the production of antibodies,” resulting in the creation of a strong immune system.

The vaccine was also found to produce high levels of antibodies against three known coronavirus strains. including the beta strain first detected in South Africa. There was a stronger antibody response to the strain among those vaccinated after they had been infected with COVID-19.

Although the researchers only studied those who were vaccinated. Pfizer-BioNtech But it uses the same mRNA technology to produce the vaccine as in the Moderna injection.

While many existing vaccines use viral bits or bacterial proteins to induce an immune response. The mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine instructs the body to make and release a protein called spike. which stimulates an immune response

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A report on Monday from the University of Washington School of Medicine, where scientists led the research, said: “The immune response to such vaccines is both strong and potentially long-lasting.”

Other studies, though, have tracked the levels of antibodies in the blood of vaccinated people over time. New research takes a closer look at how immune responses develop in the body.

A bottle of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv December 20, 2020. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

The researchers discovered that the incubators in the study participants’ lymph nodes remained active for four months after the first dose of the vaccine.

Senior author Ali Ellebedy, associate professor of pathology and immunology in medicine and molecular microbiology, said: “The pathogen center is the key to a persistent immune response. “The reproductive center is where our immune memory is built. and the longer we have the germ center The stronger and more durable our immune system is. Because there was an intense selection process going on there. And only the best immune cells survive.”

41 people were examined for the study. Eight of them had previously been infected with COVID-19, and all received two standard doses of the Pfizer-BioEntech vaccine.

Live samples were taken from 14 vaccinated people three weeks after the first dose. and before the second vaccination Additional samples were collected at weeks 4, 5, and 7. Additionally, 10 participants gave samples 15 weeks after the start of the first vaccination. None of the fungal samples have been infected with COVID-19 before.

Screen capture from video of Ali Ellebedy, an immunologist at Washington University in St. Louis (YouTube).

The researchers found that after three weeks An incubation center in the armpit was formed in a total of 14 participants and at the end of the study period. Eight out of 10 test participants still had “detectable incubators with B cells targeting the virus, according to WUSM.”

Even 15 weeks after the first vaccination Incubation centers still produce immune cells.

“This is evidence of a really strong immune response,” said co-senior author Rachel Presti. “Your immune system uses the culture center to make the perfect antibody. To be able to stick well and last as long as possible Antibodies in the blood are the end result of the process. But the origin of germs is where it happens.”

The study examined blood samples from all 41 people who received the Pfizer vaccine.

Antibody levels increase slowly. After the first dose in people who have never been exposed to the virus before but increased rapidly in those infected with COVID-19.

Ellebedy told the New York Times that a booster vaccination for people who have never been infected with COVID-19 may have the same effect.

“If you give them another chance to get involved. They will have a very strong response,” he said, referring to cells targeting the virus.

Israel is using vaccines. Pfizer-BioNTech in driving national culture which until now Both vaccines account for more than half the population. Even though COVID-19 infections have dropped from thousands a day to just a few dozen. But the country has seen a resurgence in the latest cases allegedly the first detected delta variant in India.

Israel has already ordered millions of additional vaccines. Because it is open to vaccination for children aged 12-15 years and in the event of a decision to vaccinate the whole population

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