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Pfizer vaccine cuts COVID-19 transmission in half within 14 days.

short story: Working vaccineData from the Israeli launch of the Pfizer vaccine, which is run in a broad campaign, shows that the vaccine works as well. Just one first shot significantly reduced the risk of signaling, ranging from 33% to 60%. It’s the impact we hope to see from vaccines in the epidemic. But so far it has not been quantified.

This raises the question of the current release of vaccinations to many people:

Initial data from the Israeli vaccination campaign showed Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine was able to suppress infection by about 50 percent 14 days after receiving the first two vaccinations, a senior health ministry official said on Tuesday. The country’s serious COVID-1

9 infection, daily infection All cases reached their peak forever.

Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of the health department at the Department of Public Health, told Channel 12 News the information was preliminary and based on the coronavirus test results of both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Other, somewhat contradictory information was released by Israeli health care organizations on Tuesday evening, Channel 13 News said, according to figures released by Israel’s largest healthcare provider Clalit, the likelihood of people infected with the coronavirus is reduced. 33% reduction in 14 days after vaccination Separate figures recorded by Maccabi’s healthcare provider and aired by Channel 12 show that the vaccine reduced the chance of infection by 60% 14 days after the first injection.

As noted, Israeli diffusion rates do not represent the full impact of this phenomenon. But the news was encouraging Point out that broad vaccination programs will significantly slow down the rate of community transmission almost immediately, and a second shot will make it all different if given widely. Israel only has 20% of the population from the first shootings, much further than the United States manages. But the population of Israel is also becoming smaller and more concentrated.

The lesson here is getting as many people as possible to get their first vaccinations, perhaps the CDC looked at Israel’s data on a change to their policy yesterday. But there appears to be a lot more to the unusual motives of the stricter launch regime than the one they first announced. This led to the destruction of doses to avoid severe penalties for outlaw vaccinations, the result of which was not just anger. But it is completely counterproductive. Now, New York is dismantling those unusual incentives, at least in terms of vaccinating the elderly and those with serious joint disease. But after a huge public backlash on the ironic consequences of their heavy hand enforcement,

This might be a too restrictive plan. If we want to reduce our transmission rates to bring our economy back to life, we need to get the entire population to be vaccinated quickly. That means solving supply and distribution problems. But a better plan could be to deliver those volumes to existing private distribution channels and let them fully come first to Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target and other pharmacies. Get it from the manufacturer in an arm that’s enough to seriously bend down. This will also help protect those at risk by making COVID-19 appear less common in the population, possibly as early as a week or two after the more serious and extensive rollout begins.

Let’s finish it quickly.

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