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PFT’s NFL 2020 Group Stage Selection

Baltimore Ravens vs. Buffalo Bill

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Last week, MDS and I agreed on all six games. We have four right. Diffusion When MDS expands 3-3, I am pathetic 2-2.

This week we disagree with one of the four games. For the same three, we have the same winner both straight up and against the spread

Check out all of the options below, and chime yourself in the comments.

Rams (+6.5) at Packers

MDS useA: Aaron Rodgers is playing his best football and the Rams will go with an injured Jared Goff or an injured John Wolford.There are other lenses used to watch this game and some like the Rams, that is, the Rams have. Superior protection But even if that defense played well against Rodgers in the end, I think Rodgers and Davente Adams made enough great results to win the game.

Select of MDS: Packers 30, Rams 20.

Take Florio: The football team had to run back Aaron Jones to have a solid performance as he moved into a free agency. They also need defender Aaron Rodgers to find debris and creases that can throw the ball at defender Davante Adams, even if he was knocked out by Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey on the Green Bay defense needed to be sold off to halt the action. Run and force the Rams to defeat them by throwing a ball through Lambo’s chilly air.

Florio’s Choice: Packers 31, Rams 21.

Ravens (+2.5) at Bills

MDS use: Over the course of several weeks, the Bills may have played better, all teams in the NFL Ravens are playing good football at the right time as well. But I don’t think I would pick anyone to go to Buffalo and beat the bills right now.

Select of MDS: Bills 27, Ravens 20

Take Florio: The Ravens are still the hottest team in the NFL, and the Bills almost missed out on the Colts.Baltimore was able to pass very well and the Bills couldn’t.That could be the difference, especially if it snows.

Florio’s Choice: Check 24, bills 21.

Browns (+10) at Chiefs

MDS use: The Browns tamed early and never looked back at the Steelers. But the rested boss is just a better team, Patrick Mahomes will beat Baker Mayfield, and I expect the Chiefs to play big in a special squad at least once.

Select of MDS: Chief 35, Brown 21.

Take Florio: The best cases for the Browns include slowing things down, shortening the game, and limiting the amount of treasures Kansas City will have. Even so, will Cleveland be able to beat the Kansas City team that always find their way? Doubtful

Florio’s Choice: Chiefs 35, Browns 24.

Buccaneers (+3) at Saints

MDS use: Tom Brady vs.Drew Brees should be a classic NFL playoff game and one that easily goes one way or another. The Saints favored and skillfully won both the seasonal meetings. But I just feel the Bucs are reaching their peak at the right time as the Saints are slowing down as the season progresses.

Select of MDS: Buccaneers 28, Saints 27

Take Florio: Threw in the first two installments of this series; Buccaneers improved dramatically from week one and week nine. Tom Brady played 17 games against his new team and the offensive hit the top. In what is likely to be Drew Brees’ last career game, it could be another seasonally acclaimed exit for the Saints.

Florio’s Choice: Buccaneers 24, Saints 23

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