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Phil Spencer “Not Giving Up” on xCloud for other consoles.

Additional emails from the Epic vs Apple court case are pouring out with a high-level conversation between several CEOs. One email exchange between Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and Xbox President Phil Spencer reveals that Xbox’s interest in bringing xCloud to other consoles is ongoing. The non-Xbox go-to service at its peak, it’s rumored that the entire Xbox experience might be coming to Nintendo Switch, some Xbox Live functionality is available on the Switch, and xCloud is currently available on PC, Android, and iOS (via a few workarounds).

But according to an e-mail between Spencer and Sweeney, Xbox is interested in getting its cloud streaming service to other consoles.

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“At the highest level of [Microsoft] We are committed to continually advancing these policies and expanding the capabilities of our console platform, ”Spencer wrote.“ You can voice it as you feel comfortable. But I just want to let you know that I have your point on xCloud, on other consoles (still not giving up), F2P outside Gold (we’ll be over there and I want to partner with you) and authorization ideas. Our shop It’s a list that I will check with you for progress. “

Microsoft’s xCloud is a cloud-based streaming service where users can play console games on their phone or PC directly from the cloud without the need to download or install titles. This is a bundled service for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, a popular Xbox service where users can download and install games from their library as long as they pay a monthly subscription.

While xCloud is now exclusive to smartphones and PCs, cloud streaming to consoles is possible and something PlayStation and Nintendo already do with PlayStation Now or Switch Cloud Streaming.

Getting xCloud on other consoles will be a hindrance and there are many financial deals needed to clear the way out. Especially as companies like PlayStation are reluctant to open their platforms to outsiders, as seen in their conversations with Epic Games via cross play, but xCloud on non-Xbox systems will help Microsoft expand its scope beyond its hardware and may help. Can add Game Pass service as well

More details come from the Epic vs Apple cases, and you can find our overview from today’s action here.

Matt TM Kim is the news editor of IGN.

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