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Philadelphia Phillies owner Jeffrey Louie wants the team to build the QB Jalen Hurts lap for the 2021 season.

PHILADELPHIA – Eagles owner Jeffrey Louie has ordered the team to prioritize making Jalen Hurts a success in 2021 as opposed to building a real quarterback match, sources told Chris. Mortensen from ESPN

Herts are currently the only defender under contract in Philadelphia. More defenders will be added, but Lurie wants his staff to build around Hurts and determine if he is the answer in the future, the sources said.

Appearing on the Adam Schefter Podcast, Hurts said he views the Eagles’ decision over Carson Wentz’s exchange with the Indianapolis Colts during the offseason as a vote of confidence in him moving forward.

“I think it’s just an opportunity for me,”

; Hurts said in his first public comment since the deal, when asked if he was surprised to hear Wentz news. “I think it shows trust and what they think I can be a player, so I want to prove they are right.”

Philadelphia agreed to swap Wentz with Indianapolis last month for a third-round pick in 2021 and a conditional second-round 2022 that could be turned into a first-round pick. The transaction will become official when the league’s year begins on March 17.

Relations between Wentz and the Eagles began to tense in a rocky 2020 season in which Wentz struggled hard before being replaced by Hurts, a second-round pick last April for the last four games. When it became clear that Wentz wanted to continue his career elsewhere, the reels were ready to deal with him.

One of the reasons Philadelphia was comfortable trading Wentz was the appearance of Hurtz, who sparked offense when he was inserted into the lineup and helped build victory. Unpleasant from the New Orleans Saints in the beginning of his first professional career. The pain cools some parts and ends with a 52% success rate and six touchdowns to four interceptions while running for 354 yards and three points.

The Eagles will add a position in free agency and / or draft, but as it stands, Hurts will enter the 2021 season as a anticipated starter.

“I think you know nothing is changing for me and my thoughts every day trying to improve as a player,” he said. Myself, and in the end, it’s just winning football games and being consistent and doing that, so my thinking hasn’t changed at all. “

The Eagles are No. 6 overall in the draft and could be in the market for a receiver. Two of the highest in the draft class, Jaylen Waddle and DeVonta Smith, were Hurts teammates at Alabama.

“I just saw something about Waddle that said he was different … and he was different, you know he was a good friend of mine, my little brother,” said Hurts. “I mean what he can do with the ball in his hand, speed, athleticism, nothing he can’t do, and DeVonta Smith is like a smooth criminal …, strong hand … he’s very strong with his hand. The player himself “

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