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Philips Hue releases the long-awaited light switch module and more.

Signify is launching three new Philips Hue products today: an in-wall hue module for existing light switches, a new outdoor light strip, and a detailed dimmer.

The Philips Hue Wall Switch module solves a problem that owners of Hue smart bulbs have long suffered. In other words, you install a so-called “smart” Hue bulb into a lamp or ceiling lamp and marvel at how you can control it from your phone until your roommate flips the wall switch and cuts the power to the bulb. Your expensive light bulb is useless.The new wall switch module, powered by a battery that will last at least five years, according to Signify, is smart inside the wall to make a smart switch. Unfortunately, the switch module doesn̵

7;t make normal smart lights, it only controls Hue’s smart lights. The color wall switch module will cost $ 39.95 / € 39.95 or $ 69.95 / € 69.95 for a two-pack when it launches in Europe this March, followed by North America in the summer.

Full details about wall installation can be found at Hueblog If you’re interested in replacing the light switches in your home with Hue.

Installation and basic electrical knowledge are required.
Photo: Philips Hue

The Philips Hue Amarant is a $ 169.99 / € 149.99 light stick that can be set up outdoors to shower next to a house, hedge or fence in multicolored lighting. The Amarant is 79.5 cm (31 in) wide and extends to a maximum of 1,400 lumens. The Hue power supply unit, which can be purchased separately, the Philips Hue Amarant is now available in Europe. But it won’t ship in North America until early March.

Two Amarants in one power supply.
Photo: Philips Hue

Outdoor wall shower
Photo: Philips Hue

Lastly, there’s an upgrade to the Philips Hue magnetic dimmer with a removable wall plate that lets your family and guests control the dimmers without the app. Unlike modern wall-mounted modules, the dimmer is an artificial wall switch that is taped to the wall. In Europe, at least, new dimmers are going to be a little lower at their retail prices. HueblogWhile retaining all the same functionality in a pretty neat way. It goes on sale on January 26 in Europe for € 19.99, before arriving in North America on February 23 for $ 24.99.

The magnetic dimmer can be attached to the wall plate or removed for use as a remote.
Photo: Philips Hue

Update Jan. 14, 9:08 AM ET: Add more details about wall switch modules.

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