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Piers Morgan shares a tweet from his anti-vax father denying the jab went viral and died.

Piers Morgan took to social media to encourage people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, using the sad case to express his point.

The 56-year-old TV personality took to Twitter to share the story of a father who appears to have refused to be vaccinated. which is now reported to have died

Mr Morgan’s post compiles four tweets submitted by users. @gridirondawg Known simply as Brent H, he shared his views on the vaccine launch.

Piers Morgan, 56, tweeted on Twitter to share the 'tragedy' of someone who didn't get hit.

Piers Morgan, 56, tweeted on Twitter to share the ‘tragedy’ of someone who didn’t get trampled.

In one tweet he wrote: ‘I’ve never had the flu shot and will never get the coronavirus!’

In another case, he said, ‘Zinc and Vitamin D Regiment > Moderna and Phizer’.

In response to another user, he wrote: ‘I haven’t used it and haven’t had a problem with COVID.’

A glance at his profile shows the latest update on June 24, which appears to be posted by his daughter.

The tweet read: ‘This is Brent’s daughter… Father died from covid He had no underlying conditions and was in his early 50s.

‘I know he said otherwise. But please save your family with this sorrow. go get your shot

She then shared a link to an online platform where people could find the nearest vaccination center.

Mr Morgan described the picture below. ‘The tragedy of unvaccination and serious covid’ Get the jab’

The screenshot was shared on Twitter through Mr Morgan's account.

The screenshot was shared on Twitter through Mr Morgan’s account.

Mr Morgan, who has now received both coronavirus jabs, has spoken openly about encouraging people to get vaccinated.

He also urged the government not to extend the lockdown beyond ‘Freedom Day’ on 19 July for those who have been rammed. insist that those who have been vaccinated should be regained their freedom

Covid and Blood Clot Vaccines: What You Need to Know

The CDC and FDA recommend halting the April rollout of the J&J vaccine. After several reports of rare but fatal blood clots,

Nine people between the ages of 18 and 59 developed a sinus thromboembolism (CVST) by April 13.

CVST is a rare type of blood clot that blocks the brain’s sinus channels that allow blood to drain. This can cause hemorrhage.

One of the nine patients died and two were in critical condition.

With more than 7 million people vaccinated at that point, that means only 0.00012% developed CVST.

That’s less than five out of a million people – 0.0005% – that develop the condition in the general population.

The pause was lifted on April 23 after the CDC determined the risk was very low.

Yesterday, statistics showed the UK’s daily coronavirus cases increased by nearly 80 per cent in a week.

But the number of hospitalizations remains below 250 per day. Hopefully the outbreak will slow down.

Another 18,270 people tested positive on Saturday. That was a 77 percent increase from the 10,321 cases recorded last weekend. It also marked the highest daily increase since Feb. 5.

But signs indicate that the vaccine is working to reduce the number of hospitalizations. Only 227 people were admitted on Saturday. As a result, the number of COVID-19 patients The total number of hospitals is 1,505.

Growing evidence of the vaccine’s impact has convinced leading scientists and ministers that Britain’s Freedom Day will continue on July 19 as planned.

The restrictions in Scotland are also scheduled to be reviewed on that date.

But Downing Street refused to succumb to Tory’s pressure to lead to a final lockdown until July 5, citing the importance of getting a second vaccine as much as possible.

In another bright sign for British Freedom Day on 19 July to continue. Earlier this week, SAGE estimated the ‘R’ replication rate, which measures how quickly the virus spreads. Still between 1.2 and 1.4 in England

It hasn’t moved in three weeks. That adds to growing evidence that the country’s outbreak is slowing.

Six cases of the first variant in Peru – the Lambda variant – have been identified in the UK, although health officials are not worried about the procedure as the number of cases here and around the world is small.

Figures from Public Health England show 111,157 cases of the Delta variant are now seen in the UK, a 46 percent increase in the previous week.

This means that about 95 percent of confirmed cases of coronavirus across the UK are the Delta variant, which is more contagious and may be at greater risk of hospitalization than the ever dominant Kent strain.

People who have been vaccinated twice are warned to be cautious.

Professor Adam Finn, Member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization told Sky News that “The safety of vaccinating people together is greater than that of unvaccinated people. But if there is a large number of viruses that have spread, it will still be there. The infection occurred.’

He also said there is a high probability that the jabs booster will be needed in the fall

‘To avoid the risk of winter waves We may need supplemental medication. especially I think in the first case it is for those who have been vaccinated (that) the longest and who are most at risk of getting it seriously. sick when infected

‘So I don’t think this is a sure thing. But I think there is a high probability that there will be at least some promotion this winter.’

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